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Nanotechnology- Paint

Nano technology is a fairly new discovery. It will effect pretty much everything, including paint.

Taylor Platt

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Nanotechnology- Paint

Blocking cell phone signal
Window “peeper” proof
Change the color of your walls/car
Rust proof
Barnacle proof
Scratch healing
Protects from ultraviolet and infrared rays
Protects from acid rain
Prevents fungi and bacteria Auto-wash properties with rain
Self extinguishing (non-flammable)
Reduces corrosion and oxidation
Solar paint http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nano-labs-ctle-announces-residential-110000499.html http://nanoenergia.com/ http://www.nanoandme.org/nano-products/paints-and-coatings/ Work Cited Nano Labs Corporation has invented a nano thermal insulation coating, NC2012, for residential housing construction market
Can reduce energy costs by up to 50%
More effective, inexpensive, and more environmentally friendly that standard paints and coating materials used today
Protects against overheating, corrosion, microbial growth, some toxic substances, rust, water, and oxidization
Protects from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IR)
Protects from acid rain
Prevents the formation of fungi and bacteria
Auto-wash properties with rain, keeping a shimmering white color
Environmentally friendly
Reduces corrosion and oxidation
Can be applied on almost any surface Nano Thermal Insulation Coating http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nano-labs-ctle-announces-residential-110000499.html Since 2003 Mercedes-Benz has used a nano paint that is scratch resistant clearcoat.
Has ceramic particles that measure a millionth of a millimetre each
Nissan has put nanotechnology to the test since 2008 when they used a scratch healing clearcoat on the 2008 Infinity EX35
This technology uses nano liquid capsules that flow into minute scratches.
The testing of these nano clearcoats shows that they are three times more resistant to fine scratches than normal clearcoats
Instead of rain just rolling right off of your car the coating would cause water droplets to pick up the fine particles therefore self cleaning your car Exterior self cleaning paint is being developed by nano labs.
Paint degrades pollutants “through a proprietary nanoparticle compound and natural light”
This paint will be able to make the surface material performance and appearance standards higher for a much longer amount of time.
It will be capable of being applied to a large variety of surfaces
Metal, cement, car parks and roads, refineries and pipelines
The idea is that this coating reduces the maintenance for companies and increase the lifespan of buildings.
Instead of using high surface energy materials, like Teflon, or relying on texturization,
which minimizes adhesion, they use natural light and a nanoparticle system that allows any surface to keep itself clean. Paint is made of “semi-conducting nano-particles of titanium dioxide mixed with cadmium sulfide or cadmium selenide”
You have to paint the liquid onto a conducting glass then it is annealed at a high temperature
This paint can be made cheaply and in large quantities- estimated that covering 400 square-feet would only cost $100
This paint takes the form of coatings or flexible polymer sheets that generate electricity when put on building roofs or a conductive surface.
They are working on making it able to be painted directly on the building Sun-Believable The Navy is already using nanoparticle coatings to repair worn out parts on ships
in the electronics industry, nano paints are used to coat the surface of capacitors.
ships and tankers use the "barnacle busting" paint. algae and barnacles won't cling to the paint and just get washed away. Already, nano paint is being put to use. Nano-Paint
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