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A Quick Introduction to Testmoz

Learn about the test-creating website called Testmoz.

Rayyan Latif

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of A Quick Introduction to Testmoz

Testmoz Testmoz allows the user to create their own online test. A link needs to be shared with the test-takers for them to receive and take the test. An account is not required, but a paid account can be made to Instead of taking the test with a paper and pencil, take it online! Testmoz is a online test generator. It does not require an account even though one can be made for $20/year. An account gives one a test manager, test cloning capabilities and a public list of all your tests. Testmoz Scores Testmoz is good for teachers to because they can check the students score from home. Newer and Easier! ...and it saves paper! Safety of Your Test Testmoz is pretty safe. If you have created a password for your test, only those who you give the password to can take the test. However these people cannot edit the test. The test can only be edited by the one who made the test, proved by a completely different password. The test takers also need the URL to take the test, adding to the safety. For Teachers https://testmoz.com/119463 Teachers can use Testmoz to create open-book test that students can take from home. For Students Students can use Testmoz to test their peers after a presentation given by the student. The teacher can also use it in the same manner. Thank you for watching this presentation, and hope you enjoyed it. :) Here is a small test to see if you paid attention. :) Bibliography Cuccaro, Ashly. "Resources - Ms. Cuccaro's Technology Class." Ms. Cuccaro's Technology Class. Weebly. Jan. 2013. Web. Jan. 2013. <http://cuccarotech.weebly.com/resources.html>.

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Johnson, Matt. "Create Automatically Graded Online Tests for Free!" Testmoz. N.p., n.d. Web. Jan. 2013. <https://testmoz.com/>.
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