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Dylan Kuan

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Romania

By Dylan Kuan and Alex Lau.
What is Romania's capital city and population?
Romania's capital city is Bucharest and the population is about 19 million.
What is Romania's most common religion?
Romania's most common religion is Roman Catholic.
What is Romania's main language?
Romania's main language is Romanian. It is derived from Latin.
What economy does Romania have?
Music From Romania
The most common type of music played in Romania is folk music.
What type of government does Romania have?
Romania has a democratic government.
What are some traditional meals of Romania?
One of the traditional meals of Romania is called mamaliga.

Mamaliga is Porridge made out of yellow corn flour.
Some Food and Produce From Romania are...
Imam Bayildi
It's a whole braised eggplant stuffed with onion, garlic, and tomatoes, simmered in olive oil, and served at room temperature.
Another traditional dish is called...
Sheep and Cattle
The grapes are used for wine.
Dylan Kuan
I think it was a great experience learning so much from this place. It was great having to share all this information to my classmates.
Alex Lau
During the time when Dylan and I researched Romania, I found out about the rich background and culture. After reading about it, I became drawn to Romania and I would love to visit there.
Before World War II, Romania was primarily an agricultural country.Industrial development began after the war. Romania made spectacular progress. Industrial output increased at a much faster rate than in the major industrial countries of the world, however other branches of the economy were disregarded.
The Danube River Is the only navigable River in Romania.
The first ever perfect score of 10 in gymnastics was given to Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci.
The currency of Romania is called Leu and Ban. Leu is the paper money and the bans are the coins.
Our Reflection
Any Questions?
Thank you for your attention.
Movie time!
www.grolier.com Romania Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia lexile 1160, and Romania The New Book of Knowledge lexile 990.


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