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Kidney Disease

No description

Kevin Taylor

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Kidney Disease

Kidney Disease Prevention It is in our hands! Overview Your kidneys and what they do

Other illnesses that impact in kidney disease

Symptoms of kidney disease


Taking care of your kidneys What does a kidney do? The kidneys are the filtering system and get rid of all the rubbish in the body Where are the kidneys? Other illnesses that can damage the kidneys High blood pressure You are at risk of high blood pressure if you:
Are an older person
Have family history of kidney disease

Lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure
Eating healthy food-low in salt
Keeping active- check with your doctor first before starting any exercise regime Kidney Disease Symptoms of kidney disease Symptoms include:
Going to the toilet a lot (especially at night)
Foaming urine
Pain or burning when passing urine
Pain in the back
Puffiness around the eyes and ankles Signs that the kidney may be unhealthy Early detection can save lives

Signs include
Tiredness,unable to concentrate
generally feeling unwell
Loss of appetite
Nausea & vomiting
Shortness of breath
Treatments Medications and changes to lifestyle

An early referral to a specialists can delay kidney failure

If you are a high risk it is important to have regular health checks
Blood pressure
Blood test for kidney function
Urine test for protein. Keeping your kidneys healthy Keeping your kidneys healthy Where to get help? Ask your doctor or health worker

Kidney Health Australia Information Line:
Telephone 1800 4 KIDNEY
www.kidney.org.au Thank you Any Questions? Where to get help? Control body chemistry by regulating the amount of salt, water and other chemicals They balance fluids in the body so the body can function They also help keep blood pressure controlled Treatments Other Illnesses that can damage the kidneys
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