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wireline schlumberger

No description

Dosty Mazhar

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of wireline schlumberger

Trianed Engineers
Work Guaranteed
generous salary

Why Schlumberger?
About myself:
My work experience :

Dosty M. Jafar
Iraq- Suleimaniyeh
15-5-1989/ Sulaeimaniyeh
Mechanical engineer

- tools and their calibration and tools used to check or fix them like trim machine manometer , test box , evacuating pump ..
- rig up
- pipe recovery
- IDW and CMTD

How did we spend the week of field exposure ?






What’s TLD ?
Three detector lithology density tool which contain of three part
HRGD ( source and three detector) – HRMS (sonde) –
HRCC (catridge )


. Gamma rays emitted from radioactive source
. Gamma rays collide with electrons in formation losing energy
. Detectors measure intensity of backscattered gamma rays.
-- high energy GR relate to Density
-- Low energy GR relate to Lithology

Principle of operation :

Back scatter detector (BS)

Long spacing Detector (LS)

short spacing Detector (SS)

1. bulk density :
The bulk density in g/cc is the weighted sum of the matrix and fluid densities.

2. lithology;
The individual characteristics of a rock in terms of its mineral composition and structure

3. borehole diameter:
The diameter of the borehole is measured from the face of the skid pad to the end of the caliper arm that holds the skid against the formation


Comparison between Master Calibration and Wellsite Stabilization measurements. Difference must be within tolerance

Repeatability and accuracy:

• The calibration is performed every 1 month or after every 20 jobs.
• The calibration consists of measurements of the background signal from the stabilization source.
• Measurements of the count rates are made in the GCB-L aluminum block and the GCB-M magnesium block.
• Measurements are performed twice, once with and once without a 3-mm stainless steel sleeve.
•Calibration Quality Control Listing gives Mean & Maximum Deviations and Tolerances for the three detectors
•Values are flagged if out of tolerance.

TLD Master Calibration

1. fit 1 and fit 2:
2. E.Lab:
3. op check
4. truck
5. equipment used in operations:

Accuracy, is measuring once and having a reliable reference to check accordingly.
Repeatability is measuing repeating the measurement steps for many times till the result averages out.
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