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planet mlg

No description

james rackovan

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of planet mlg

planet MLG

By Drew Rackovan,the creator of this dank planet
The dankness of living on planet MLG
Planet MLG may be too dank to live on,but its actualy possible to live on this planet.From 360 no scopers to the Illuminati,you shall learn about the swagness of planet MLG or get rekt instead.Ready to explore the swagiest planet in the swag solar system?
Temperature and water
Temperatures on planet MLG range around 30 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit,and the distance from its sun is 60,000 kilometers away,so pretty averagely placed on the swag solar system.Also,water is pretty commonly found because 50 percent of liquid water makes up planet MLG,while the other 40 consists of Mountain Dew,the necter from the gods,and the rest is dorito made land from the life that had too many doritos and Mountian Dew.
The next segments of this project may be too fast for u,so extreme caution will be needed.Get ready to go fast
Energy Source
For energy,we have Mountian Dew for that,but we also get energy from the Sanic sun or have the rapids go through dams(the more Mountain Dew in the water,the better!).If all else somehow fails,we have a sanic,one of the species of planet MLG,run in a treadmill that is built just for sanic's speed to provide energy.
Atmosphere and Nutrients
The atmosphere is similar to Titan,one of Saturn's moons,but slightly denser to support life.Planet MLG's atmosphere contains nitrogen to supply nutrients,as well as doing its job to trap heat on planet MLG and provide protection from UV rays.Also,you can find these organic elements on planet MLG,which are carbon,nitrogen,oxygen,and hydrogen.

Gotta go fast!
Gotta go fast!
Illuminati confirmed!!!!!!!!!!
Get out
ohhhh baby,a triple.
The written portion
Many people would take one look at this prezi and say
"This would is totally not scientifically correct.",but after seeing this,planet MLG is MLG and scientifically correct at the same time!Planet MLG thrives with MLG variants of life that exists,like Sanic the hedgehog,a really fast hedgehog,or the get out frog.Believe it or not,even humans that are MLG have been thriving here for years(Don't tell anyone except the Illuminati)that survived off of shipments of MLG food that lasts for 10 years,along with the mountain dew,water,and doritos that's present on this dank planet after living here so long.So the swaggy circle of life examples on planet MLG are that the Sanic sun gives its nutrients to dorito covered grass,then the get out frog eats the grass,then a sanic will rush by the get out frog and eat it up quickly,then a no scoper human will take out the sanic when sanic triggers a slow down trap.Like I said earlier,only life thats mlg that also exists in real life
lives on planet MLG,so Shrek wouldn't be on planet MLG.The dorito land and mountain dew water was litered with mlgness,meaning the dorito land used to be a rocky surface before it got covered in doritos.a day in the life of mlg evolved humans goes like wake up,eat,play mlg video games,sleep,repeat.I hope that many people would enjoy this idea of a planet thats swag.
planet MLG
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