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Psychology in Animation

No description

jue min

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Psychology in Animation

Animated Movies or Cartoons

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Animation is created by artistic means
Animation mostly tell the exaggerated version of everyday life that expend children imagination
A powerful tool to teach and spread ideas in the most entertaining way
Most of the cartoons have positive intentions for the purpose of educating the children
Supervision of parents can strongly improve the type of media that enter the children's mind.
Parent super vision can have both positive and negative impacts
Cartoon can be a spiritual support to give the children confidence
Cartoon give children certain ideology and it affect the decision making in their life.
Analysis of findings
Research Question 3
What kind of animation the children watch when they were younger
Affects on them psychologically
Would animation content affect their behaviour as they grow up.
Supervision on Non super vision
How to make animation more suitable for children
Cartoon is the fundamental of child development as cartoon is a popular mode of entertainment among children
Our research can provide the negative and positive aspects of current industry so that it can be better for future generations.
Previous Researches
A study took place in 1997 to find out whether early media exposure leads to Attentional Deficiency
The study took place for a spam of 5 years
The result was that educational and non violent programmes has no effect but violent media leads to subsequent attentional problems (Zimmerman and Christakis 2007)
Research Questions
What are the effects on children as we grow older , does cartoon affect the behavior of a person
Interview question
What children pick up from the cartoon
Most of the cartoons are about Heroism
The boys will pick up the mentality of being the strong one in the society
Men fight the villain and gets the reward
What if there is no reward?
Interviewed two psychology teacher
Michael Levidis
Racism In Our Society
Animators should really consider the content of the cartoon
Pass Bechdel Test
Ratings of the movie must be reviewed
against other ethnicity
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