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What is Digital StoryTelling?

A look into the what Digital storytelling is and how it can benefit students in the classroom.

Keefe O'Hara

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of What is Digital StoryTelling?

Digital Story Telling What was "Traditional
Storytelling"? Digital
Storytelling Gestures Voice Facial
Expressions ...is a digital explanation of what ever needs well...explaining. What are the
parts of
digital storytelling the computer
is the engine video still pictures animation audio forms of
digital storytelling podcast video can
including uTube animation slideshow like
Powerpoint Advantages
over Traditional
Storytelling rehearsed more control
of presentation use it to show
experiments introduce new
concepts summarizing
new ideas Easy enough for
students to create
presentations Advantages
in the classroom told anytime told anywhere can be timeless improves interest and student learning includes video
that normally
isn't used Can show experiements
that could be too dangerous
for classroom application
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