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Alex K.

on 13 February 2013

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events leading up to the battle THE BATTLE OF MARATHON Hippias was kicked out of Athens Hippias begged Darius for help reclaiming his kingdom Darius accepted to help Hippias in exchange that Athenian territory would belong to Persia Darius Hippias Darius began his first invasion which tragically failed Darius began a conquest which worked out in conquering Macedon and Thrace but failed in conquering Scythia Histaeus wanted to return to his home city of Miletus and decided to make a revolt the Athenians were asked to join in on the revolt and Athens gladly accepted to free the Ionian colonies the Ionians and Athenians burnt the capitol named Sardis Darius made a servant whisper to him at a meal time three times "Sire, remember thee Athenians" the Earth and Water act happened Hippias told of a beach called Marathon a good place to land and was great for cavalry Scythian the second invasion began Strategy thinner middle larger sides Greek strategy charge in archer range Persian strategy leave half of the archers and infantry at marathon take cavalry and rest of the archers to take Athens troop size Persia 30,000 Greeks 9,000 to 10,000 Athenians 1,000 Plaetaens cavalry light infantry archers heavy infantry Gear Persian gear wicker shield infantry short
spear scimitar javelins Persian axe cavalry archer dagger short bow Dory Hoplite Greaves
chest plate helmet xiphos who was involved Miltiades Theseus Pheidippides When and Where September 11 490 BC Beach of Marathon WHAT HAPPENED RESULT GREECE STILL HAD ITS INDEPENDENCE HIPPIAS NEVER RULED ATHENS AGAIN PERSIA DID NOT GAIN GREECE DEATHS PERSIA ATHENS 6,400 192 PLATAE 11 elite GREEK GEAR ELITE SCIMITAR SPEARS AXES HEAVY ARMOR terrain a beach to the east mountains to the west marshes to the north and south Artefermis Datus BY:ALEX THE END
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