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Prepositions by Chase Fleming and Brian Scott

Chase Fleming and Brian Scott

diane swart

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Prepositions by Chase Fleming and Brian Scott

List of Prepositions
Common Mistake With Prepositions
Lots of English Teachers argue over if you should, or shouldn't use prepositions at the end of your sentence, and some of your English Teachers probably told you to never end your sentence with a preposition. It's okay to end a sentence with a preposition when talking to someone, but in an essay you should try not to use prepositions at the end of your sentences, unless you wanted to get hunted down by a bunch of grammar teachers.
However, if you are talking with someone other than a grammar expert don't worry about it, unless you want to sound really weird, kind of like Shakespeare.
by Chase Fleming and Brian Scott

A preposition is a word that
describes a relationship
between other words in a sentence. EX. I went
the park.
EX. I punched Chase
the gut.
EX. I ran
the trees.
EX. I tripped him so he fell
his face!
William Shakespeare
For with
whom may I speak?
No need to worry if you
still don't understand,
we'll take a closer look into

EX. The Squirrel went
the tree.
EX. The Squirrel went
the tree.
Don't Fall Asleep On Us,
This is about to get Interesting
Well It's About
Easy Trick to Remember Prepositions
An easy trick to remember prepositions is that
a preposition
anywhere a
squirrel can go
on a tree.
Now You Know Your Prepositions
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