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Vans "Off The Wall"

No description

Vivian Caullos

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Vans "Off The Wall"

Vans "Off The Wall"
They produce these shoes in Chinese factories with poor working conditions.

They are supposed to work 40 hours a day with one to two days off and minimum wage but these laws aren't always followed

Money is taken from their wage simply for taking too many bathroom breaks and it's common to have your first two months wage taken as "deposit"
The movie "Fast Times in Ridgemont High" spurred demand for the shoes

On Rankabrand.org they received a rating of "E" (a poor rating) because they make no efforts to reduce their carbon footprint nor is there much information known about the company itself

Product recall in 2001 on 2,400 jackets made by the brand for posing a strangulation risk
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They use rexene, adhesive, coloring and dyes in the shoe making process

They preform four different test on these shoes, the Life Test, the Flex Test, the Color Test, and the PCP Free test
Raw Materials
1995, marketed Vans off shore to China

Made of canvas, suede, hemp, cotton, leather, and tweed

They get their materials from the United Kingdom
Started on March 15, 1966 in Cypress, South California

Founded by Paul van Doren

Catered towards extreme sports

Primarily make skateboard shoes
Key Dates
1966:Paul Van Doren founds Van Doren Rubber Co.
1979:Vans slip-on shoe is introduced. 1984:Vans opens manufacturing plant in Orange, California.
1988:Paul Van Doren sells company to McCown De Leeuw & Co. in leveraged buyout.
1993:Gary Schoenfeld is named president and CEO.
1995:Vans shuts down manufacturing facilities in Orange.
1998:Vans skateboarding park opens in Orange, California.
1999:Vans joins with Pacific Sunwear to form VanPac, a joint venture to market skateboarding apparel.

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