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Prussian Educaiton

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amanda rhoton

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Prussian Educaiton

Education Army Both Highly Influenced by Industry Competition Training “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
― Mark Twain “Education: the path from cocky ignorance to miserable uncertainty.”
Mark Twain "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."
Mark Twain Ticky Tacky Students They all come out the same The body of the army is designed to look alike. Segregation is an example of this in schools as well as the elimination of students with special needs from the student body. A teacher will act as a drill sergeant teaching everyone to stay on task regarding approved activity. Prussian Army My little Brothers Football team Here are a few things they share
•Matching uniforms
•At least two opposing sides
•Both sides share a common goal Institutionalization always includes lines "During the nineteenth century, the first large formal organizations were created, and the first social scientific attempts were made to figure out how to create and control them. These developments went forward in three somewhat independent sectors of industrializing societies: the military, business, and government."

-Rodney Stark "19th Century Organizations" "Moltke took command of the Prussian army in 1857 and rapidly built up a new system based on the principle of using highly trained and interchangeable staff officers. These elite officers were trained in a war academy. Each year 120 young officers were selected from the whole officer corps on the basis of competitive examinations. of these, only about 40 finished the intensive scholastic course of the academy. And of these graduates, Moltke selected only the best 12 to be trained for the General Staff"

-Rodney Stark "19th Century Organizations" This common goal they share is Winning!!! What is it that the schools want to win:
Recognition from the other schools with:
Better test scores
Better sport teams
even better teachers and students
They get a better chance of getting government funding
Possibly access to college courses
More good attention from the public. The schools with better funding have little competition with the other schools because they can afford better teachers, coaches, and afford opportunities for their students. What is it that the Prussian Army wanted to win:
To be superior to other counties
Like France
To have the better army
Superior the the french army, and to prove they were better then Napoleons army.
They were having an increasing influence in Germany
Once the Prussians started winning their battles they had little competition. with Napoleon out of their way, and weak army's standing in between them and their power was no major threat. The Prussian Army had little to no success when they were a free form Army.
They lost piratically every battle, they were little to no competition to their enemy.
Then they changed tactics formed a better army with trained officers that lead the army well.They began to win, and won often. Free forming schools have been known to have happier children, posibly even better test scores but these results are ignored when it comes to the more structured schools
The structured schools have ways of showing that their scores are good, even if they really arnt.
The kids in these schools are not as happy because they are having to focuse on their test scores and not so much on their individual students.
But the state and government are seeing the test score results they want. So acording to them the schools are winning. what does the Prussian Army have to do with Modern Schools? Follow orders no questions asked Prussia was the 1st country in the world to introduce tax-funded and required 8 years of education. Not only teaching essential skills (reading, writing, and mathematics) but strict educational ethics, discipline, and obedience. Prussian army vs. day's schools Uniform Thinking Life Adjustment Education How to behave on a date
How to have polite conversations Mandatory Education Both the Prussian Army and our schooling system stomp out creativity. The people in authority want their soldiers and students to think and act a certain way to how they see it fit. This way of doing thinking discourages and limit creativity. Letter writing curriculum change for girls Both the Army and the School Compete to win things that make them seem, or come across better to other schools or other countries. Competition is a major player in both schools and the Prussian Army.
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