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Yearbook Ideas 2013 - 2014

No description

Sarah Nash

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Yearbook Ideas 2013 - 2014

Growing Up Yearbook 2012-2013
Idea Photos Organization Boxes & Labels Deadlines Done (: Spreads Staff Photos Lots of Cutouts Black & White Use "Growing Up"
throughout the page Page Ideas Like the book this year but with more cutouts
(1-2 on each page)
Very clean, only use cutouts that have the full body
shot, no missing feet (or at least try) Talk about freshman "growing up" into mature
sophomore. Sophomore "growing up" into
mature juniors. (so on..) And lastly Juniors
"growing up" into full adults and leaving for
college Make the whole spread a black and white
spread and make a cutout (like I said
before) the only thing colored on the spread
When writing the copy make sure to use
"growing up" and highlight it
(ex)John Adams swung the baseball making
the ball speed to 98mph. John Adams is
growing up as we speak. Instead of taking up to date photos make the
yearbook a little more fun by having the photos of the
teachers in their senior year (or any year)
It will be a good laugh to both teachers and students Funny Yearbook spreads that will make everyone laugh Full color spreads (we already have those but
extreme color) Should be told more because this year
people would work on spreads and take
their time and then all the sudden someone
would say "Spreads due tomorrow" and no
one would know prior (A photo I made of all the robotics kids, cropped and
positioned so it looks as if we took the photo together
in a group shot) Have a "look back on the staff"
page where teachers can share
funny stories when they were kids Full page photos with a bit of text, bright colors Going back to the black and white and color Bright Colors (: Bad Yearbook Photos Maybe a spread
in the book could
be funny yearbook
photos students have taken this year
(kind of like
this year) Everything is kind of organized this year
with the cameras in their place and senior
ad stuff in folders
Get more boxes (Staples, Michael's, etc.)
Label maker (Staples, Michael's, etc.)
I was told to organize in robotics (the tool
chests, etc.) and now everyone knows where
everything is when something is asked to get Dry erase paint ---->

Maybe we can't paint because its a school
classroom but we need a big calendar that
everyone can see when and what is due
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