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Why are stars important?

No description

Karime Velaazquez

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of Why are stars important?

what kind of colors do stars have ?
Stars come in many different colors. The different colors represent the temperature of the star. The red ones are cool and the blue ones are warm.
How do stars help people ?
Stars help people in many different kinds of ways. one way is to find direction. Although many people think its complicated and they don't use it. Its actually really quick and much easier than using a compass.
How do stars form ?
Stars are made when dust and gases combine. As they gain more years they gain their size. Stars live for many years. Most live for billions while others die by exploding.
How many stars are in our galaxy ?
Astronomers estimate about how many stars are in our galaxy. They think there are about thousand stars in our milky way galaxy.
What is the history in stars

Stars have always been so important they have been used to travel overnight on land or on sea.Astronomers used constellations to track the moves of the sun and planets. The stars have helped build the first calendar.
What are stars made out of ?
Stars are made out of mostly hydrogen and helium and other gases. The reason stars glow is because when the gases in it burn they release a light and heat.
Why are stars important ?
By: Karime Velazquez
Do stars live forever ?

Why are stars so important ?
The End

stars are so important because they navigate us when it is dark.The most important star that makes life possible is the sun without it life would not exist. Earth would be a big rock and ice chunk. Stars are very important for Earth and human life.

Stars go through a process called the “life cycle of a star”. Most of this cycle is the main sequence this process is when the star is glowing. Depending on the star the more nuclear fuel they have to use up that means they live a shorter life.
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