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Career Shadow Project

By: Dan Pyle

Dan Pyle

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadow Project

my Career Shadowing Day When we arrived at gOLD'S on friday we were greeted by smiling faces and pleasant people. Everybody that we Shadowed was so nice. the purpose of the company is to help members get/Stay Fit The walked around and made sure people were ok and if they needed help they also pushed them to do more and encouraged them. In 15 yeARS they are hoping to be expanded They were already trying to buy the building next to them and use that Some skills for this job is, you have to have a high-school diploma you need to hAve communication skills You need to be able to multitask The average salary for working at the front desk is about 10,000 dollars a year which is pretty good for just insuring people are members and signing people up. For a manager you earn about 30,000 dollars a year. Programs used in this industry is word and Excel Technology is used for all the sales and money the business makes aslo to keep a track/record of their customers In the future i look forward to pursueing this career because i felt as if i belonged there There was no one thing i liked the best about being there everything was equally good There was nothing i didn't like about being at golds Gym my pictures The End
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