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Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.

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Jessica Stieglitz

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.

Why the driving age should be lowered to 15.
*The law states that all drivers of motor cars must be able to read a standard number plate, in good daylight, from a distance of 20 meters, with spectacles or corrective lenses if required (Driver's Eyesight).
*It would help benefit the whole family.
*They would be able to take siblings/ other family members to practices or other activities.
Reaction Time
*When you are younger, your reaction time is faster.

*Having fast reaction time is very good thing to have when driving.

*Having a fast reaction time can help keep the passengers in the car safe.
*According to "Brake Time Reaction", an alert driver may react in less than 1 second, while other drivers may require 3.5 seconds.

*By teens getting their license earlier, more cars are being bought.

*By more cars being bought, that's more money for the government because of taxes.
*When teens get their lisence, it makes them feel more responsible.
*Having good eyesight is key for driving.

*It's estimated that eyesight can start to deteriorate as early as 20 years of age (Driver's Eyesight).
*It would teach teens the value of money because they would have to spend money to buy gas and stuff for their car.
*Could commute to jobs.
*Being able to drive would help encourage them to get a job and make money.
Old People
*In 2008 more than 5,500 older adults were killed in motor vehicle crashes.
*In 2008 more than 183,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes.
("Older Adult Drivers:Get the Facts")
*15 & 16 year olds have the logical reasoning of an adult, experts say.
("Should 16-year-olds Drive")
""The teen driving issues are not about age and maturity as much as they are about making good choices and demonstrating exceptional behavior, whether they start that driving experience at 16,17 or 18." Brent Johnston, a driving teacher at Hinsdale Central since 1974."
("Should 16-year-olds Drive?")
"I've driven with some people who are horrible drivers even though they've been driving for a while," Ryan Moore, 16, said. "And I've driven with people who haven't been driving very long but are pretty good. Some people are ready, and some people aren't."
("Should 16-year-olds Drive?")
"By delaying the start of training we are most likely reducing the amount of time that a teen gets to practice under the watchful eye of a responsible adult."
(Why we should lower the minimum age for getting a permit (and get parents to participate in teaching life skills.))
"The financial burden of having a teen driver on your insurance is huge. The cost of high quality training is not a drop in the bucket. Parents need to balance that against the value of putting a well trained and prepared child on the road where a single mistake can mean life or death."
(Why we should lower the minimum age for getting a permit (and get parents to participate in teaching life skills.))
*You have to pass a test anyways, so why not just let those who are ready for it take it sooner.
*If someone is capable of driving, we shouldn't let age be stopping them.
*Just because they are young, doesn't mean that they're going to crash.
*Teens can be penalized, just like adults can, for reckless driving/ speeding.
*By lowering the driving age, the time for teens to practice will increase, making them more experienced.
*Kansas allows 14 year olds to get their learners permit.
*Experience matters more than age.
"Turning 18 does not instantly make someone a safer driver." said Peter Kissinger, President and CEO of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.
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