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The Journey of the Modern Thought Leader

Lulu created a prezi guide highlighting proven distribution channels for anyone looking to become a thought leader in his / her field.

lulu .com

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of The Journey of the Modern Thought Leader

If you're ready to share
Becoming a thought leader doesn't happen overnight
Growing your audience and establishing your expertise takes a lot of work
Define and reach out to your audience
& Interviews
Get Social
Start a blog
with the masses
your ideas and experience
Keeping a blog is a great way to stay connected, share content and build a relationship with your audience. Also, search engines favor sites that regularly produce interesting
and entertaining content.
Tailor content to fit your audience's needs

Engage your audience - ask for feedback and comments
Stay current by posting content regularly - your audience will thank you

Build your audience base and community through shares, Retweets and "likes"

Increase your exposure to new audiences, partners and industry experts
A social presence extends your network and content's reach
Here are tips from our experts to help you on your journey
Goal: Develop your personal brand and voice
Look for opportunities to share your expertise and build awareness for your brand by building relationships with members of the media
Contribute your articles and interviews for industry media and ask for contributions from your peers for your blog
Vary your content
Think about how else you can present your ideas and share your expertise to complement your blog.
YouTube Video series
Solidify your knowledge
A book is a permanent way for a thought-leader to formally share their ideas in a format that can be documented and monetized while building credibility.
Self-Publish your Work
The way to publish in the 21st century

Varied formats appeal to different readers - publish in print and eBook to reach everyone

Copy easily be updated and amended without reprinting

Digital content is more easily shared by readers
Self-publishing allows thought-leaders to have creative control over their work - and it is simple, straightforward and accessible to everyone.
Lastly, self-publishing allows the author to earn the highest percentage of revenue from their book sales - 80% of print books and 90% of eBooks.
Share your expertise in a new way
“Farewell, one-dimensional thinking. Welcome instead
the power of inter-connection, flexibility and the unexpected 'Aha!'"
Mobile is changing how we consume media and communicate. How can you become a mobile entity?
Mobile Apps
Attend events dedicated to building thought leadership
For more information about self-publishing,
visit: http://www.lulu.com

Enter code
at checkout for 20% off all print book and calendar purchases.
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