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Gangnam style

No description

Alice M

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Gangnam style

Gangnam Style Deconstruction Deconstruction (count.) Asian stereotypes? Conclusion Gangnam Style Korean culture Why Gangnam? How do we really view Psy? And the 1D boys Everyone's "Gangnam Styling"! Reactions/Perspectives Teens React to Gangnam Style What do you think Gangnam Means? Gangnam Style isn't just an overplayed catchy tune.
And what we're laughing at isn't just a K-pop star who
made a one-hit wonder on YouTube. ONE BILLION views! Caspar! "Did you like this song?" "Would you listen to more K-pop?" Elders React to Gangnam Style What do you think "Gangnam Style" means? What do you think makes the video so popular? A lot of popular K-pop stars put a little bit of English in their songs, why do you think they do that? Why don’t American artists put a bit of Korean in their songs? “Gangnam is like the Beverly Hills of Korea”
-Psy “The dance doesn’t look like Beverly Hills, lyrics doesn’t look like Beverly Hills, and the music video doesn’t look like Beverly Hills. But he keeps saying “I am Berverly Hills Style” so that’s the point.”
-Psy Laughing AT Psy? Or laughing WITH Psy? I hope you enjoyed my presentation! :) Alice Mu 8F :)
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