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lOvE`s complex...

My first Prezi, it`s for experimental reasons i made it...

Luis Brissos

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of lOvE`s complex...

Do you like complexity?
think you doo...
With all the multiple colours...
I think y u doo
And shapes...
Do you like the snow
more than a white wall?
i think you doo...
big question
s WHY?
Do you enjoy the sunset?
language and
writting it`s our
Dr Richard Lakey said:
We are, for sure,
the only animal who as made decisions
that are bad for their own survivial,
as a specie...
So why we love to complicate simple things?
The answer is right there in the question...
We love sa
We love staying in love with others, as much as we love the "love" word...
So...is love complexity?
Yes, it`s complex...
It`s ambiguous
It`s a lot of emotions...
But one thing i do know...
Don`t do anything...
In this life or other...
Dowithout this!
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