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Red Sea Coral Reef

No description

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Red Sea Coral Reef

The Location
The Red Sea Coral Reef is located in the Northern and Eastern hemisphere. It's surrounded by 6 different countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti and Eritria. The Red Sea is connected to the Indian Ocean
Biotic and Abiotic Things
The Biotic things in the Red Sea are Fishes, Sponges, Corals,
Sea Turtles, Sharks, Algae, Sea Weed, Sea Grass and many more.

The Abiotic things in the Red Sea are Rocks, Sand, Water, Shells, Salt and Sunlight.

Interactions: Sharks eat Fish, Fish swim in water, Sunlight shines in the Water, Corals are attached to rocks and Sea Turtles eat Sea Weed.
Why is the Red Sea Coral Reef Important?
It's an important tourism attraction for Egypt.

The Red Sea is used as a way for transportation.

If we didn't take care of this ecosystem there would be no life in the Red Sea and more species would become extinct.
Carbon and Matter Cycle
The Matter Cycle is part of the Red Sea because it has Producers, Consumers and Decomposers in the ecosystem.

The Carbon Cycle is part of the Red Sea Coral Reef because the plants in the water use photosynthesis and releases carbon dioxide. Also when people burn fossil fuels it affects the climate
of the coral reef which means more species are dieing in the coral reefs.
Red Sea Coral Reef
By: Kyle Buchanan

Sea Weed
Sea Grass

Sea Urchin
Second Level Consumers
First Level Consumers
Sea Turtles
Third Level Consumer
Sea Cucumber
Bristle Worm
Fan Worms
Things that might disrupt this ecosystem by Natural and Human caused activity.
Human Disruption: Over hunting for underwater creatures, oil spills, littering, touching the reefs, boats and coral reef souvenirs.

Natural Disruptions: Under water animals over eat, climate change and not enough food.
Food Web
Problems in the Red Sea Coral Reef
The governments are not doing anything to help this ecosystem because they're letting people swim in the Red Sea and destroy the reefs. Boats also destroy the reefs by their rotors and the government won't do anything.
What the government can do is to make people stop swimming in the Red Sea and make boats find different ways to go from harming the reefs. Also the government can find a way to clean up oil spills faster so it doesn't go to the sea. They have to leave coral reefs alone.
Facts about the Red Sea Coral Reef
The coral reefs in the Red Sea are over 5000 years old
There is over 1200 species in the Red Sea Coral Reef
The length of the Red Sea is 1900km
Millions of years ago the Red Sea covered mountains
If the Red Sea gets polluted to much its going to be called the dead sea
Thanks For Listening
Food Chains
Sea Urchin
Sea Cucumber
Sea Grass
Fan Worms
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