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Shared Places

No description

Dimitris Tzioutzios

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Shared Places

Heterodox Economic Initiative
Functioning Common Regime
Public Space - "Taking Back" Public Space
Participatory Planning
(Research, Neighborhood Assemblies, Conferences, Workshops, Task Assignment)
Public Space as Urban Common
One Member - One Vote
Knowledge Diffusion
(Regarding Planning Process)
Non-Market Capital
Community Work Space - Job Opportunities
Social Enterprises
Internal Information System
Shared Places - Community Participatory Planning
Community Market
Support to Local Alternative Ventures
(Solidarity Network)
Energy Sufficiency
Democratic Governance Patterns
Non-Market Production
Other Than Profit Goals
Avoidance / Mitigation
Social Segregation
Isolated Examples
Rootedness in Place
(Relocalisation of Community)
Istoriou Theodora
Tzioutzios Dimitrios
Vlachos Avgerinos

Degrowth Summer school
Barcelona, 2014
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