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Americans with Disabilities Act 1990

No description

Raciel Ocampo

on 30 June 2016

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Transcript of Americans with Disabilities Act 1990

Americans with Disabilities Act
Curb Ramps
Truncated Domes
Push Buttons
1973 - Rehabilitation Act
1990 - Americans with Disabilities Act
2002 - 1st PROWAG Draft
2005 - 2nd Revised PROWAG Draft
2011 - Final PROWAG
2015??? - PROWAG to be Adopted
The Big Issue:
Projects receiving federal funds are still falling short of accommodating accessibility for all.
Aug. 14, 2014
Illinois Requirements
Penalties for Not Complying
Avoid errors like these...
1. Preamble
2. Application & Administration
3. Scoping Requirements
4. Technical Provisions
5. Supplementary Technical Provisions
PROWAG - 5 Parts

1990: Americans with Disabilities Act
- Civil Rights Law enforcing proper design for all
1973: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
- Prohibits discrimination based on Disability
IL Environmental Barriers Act
- New Construction, Reconstruction, Alterations to
a Roadway require ADA Standards to be followed.
1. Stop and Repair New Construction until
correctly designed/construction.
2. $250 fine per day the facility is out of
3. $1000 fine to building
4. Engineer - Suspension or revocation of License
Local Agencies Must Create a Transition Plan
For those with 50+ Employers.....
1. ADA Coordinator
2. Create a Public Involvement Plan for Public
3. Grievance Plan: to process complaints
4. Develop/Adopt Design Standards
5. Inventory Plan and Share with Public
6. Monitor & Update Transition Plan
Successful Designs
5' is the Key Number!
5' is the Key Number!
Key Rules:
1. 5' Sidewalks, 4' is OK, but must provide
a Passing Zone every 200'.

2. 5% Max Running Slope required on Pedestrian
Street crossing & on Pedestrian Access Routes not
contained within the Highway ROW.

3. 2% Max Cross Slope at ALL TIMES. Designers are
now designing at 1.5% to allow for minimal error
at time of construction.

4. Remember the 5' rule for Radial Truncated domes!
5. Make Push Buttons accessible, the pole locations
are very important for both drivers and

6. 4'x4' Landing square minimum. 5'x5' is
recommended. Assure the 5% and 2% slope rules
are followed when designing the landing square.

7. The "Chasing Rule" one may need to 'chase' the
existing sidewalk to tie into the existing sidewalk.
No need to re-do the whole block!

Perpendicular Ramp
Parallel Ramp
When the RAMP is
Parallel to the C&G
When the RAMP is
Perpendicular to the C&G
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