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Using Blogs as ePortfolios:

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Dawn Mitchell

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Using Blogs as ePortfolios:

Using Blogs as ePortfolios:
Sharing and Celebrating Student Reading, Writing, and Learning

In our creation of our integrated units of study, students became excited not only about the learning process that involved student driven application and inquiry but also the original products they created. We wanted an authentic way to share what students across grade levels were doing in our school and in our community and to also validate both teacher and student growth. This led us to using blogging as a platform to share what students were learning in real time as they were experiencing each part of the unit, but also to serve as a space to showcase samples of student work such as their writing products and their performances.
Classroom Blogs:
Examples of Inquiry, Integration, and Innovation
What Did We Learn?
Why My Six Year Olds Blog (And Why Your Students Should, Too) - Kathy Cassidy, Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades

Why Share Portfolios Online?

Preparing Students for a Digital World

Teaching Value
In our partnership with the SWP this past year we looked closely at utilizing an inquiry-approach through project based learning in our instructional units to help us engage and motivate student learning.
Idea 1:
It All Started with Inquiry
Emily Daniel's K-5 Blog:

While teachers across our school have embraced the possibilities that web 2.0 applications like blogs provide us to share student learning, we want to continue to grow in our knowledge and application of both blogging and eportfolios.
Ideas for Us?
Kelly Holden's 2nd Grade Blog:
Jessica Glay's 4th Grade Blog:
Presented by:
Bonnie Cumbo, Jessica Glay, Emily Daniel, and Kelly Holden at Oakland Elementary School,
Spartanburg School District 2
and Dawn J. Mitchell with
Spartanburg Writing Project, USC Upstate
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