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Each Little Bird That Sings

Book Report

Cheryl Wilfred

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of Each Little Bird That Sings

Each Little Bird That Sings Each Little Bird That Sings Snapfinger, Mississippi Characters Climax Conclusion Problem My Favorite Part By: Deborah Wiles Snapfinger, Mississippi, an imaginary place
invented by Deborah Wiles, is where the story takes place. There is a river and the Snowberger family owns a funeral home and a flower shop. The story takes place in the late summer and early fall. Comfort Snowberger- Main character,
she loves to explore and cook. She writes death notices and her family owns the funeral home.
Dismay - Comfort's dog. Full of curiosity.
Declaration - Comfort's best friend, who acts like a princess. She turns snobby near the end.
Peach Shuggars - Comfort's cousin. Comfort thinks Peach is annoying, but he really misses Aunt Florentine and Uncle Edisto, and Comfort is his favorite person
Aunt Florentine - Comfort and Peach's great - great- aunt. She shares the same interests as Comfort and dies at a ripe age of 94.
Uncle Edisto - Comfort and Peach's great- uncle. He always sees the bright sides to things.  The main problem is when Declaration scares Peach on purpose and sends Peach running to the river in a storm. Peach, Comfort and Dismay fall into the flooding river and Dismay gets pulled away by the river. Comfort and Peach almost die. You get used to the climax, but the climax is when Aunt Florentine is laying dead in the garden.The way the author writes it, you feel like one moment she's there, the next moment she's not. It doesn't seem surprising if you're not actually reading the book, but if you are, it catches you completely off guard. You expect Aunt Florentine to keep living and then she's dead. The solution to the fact that Comfort and Peach are drowning is that Declaration was watching from a distance and she got her dad, who got Comfort's dad, who got in a motorboat with Declaration's dad and saved them. The solution to the fact that Dismay was lost ( this isn't really a solution) is that he fell in a ditch and he died.
The end was that Declaration and Comfort became friends again- Comfort got mad that she scared Peach and almost killed them - and Comfort starts feeling love toward Peach. Book Report By: Cheryl Wilfred Genre: Realistic Fiction My favorite part was the end. When Uncle Edisto was alive, Peach would say " It's Easter and I've come to SEE you!" and Uncle Edisto would reply "Then come see me!" . After Uncle Edisto died, Peach would to the same to Aunt Florentine and Aunt Florentine would do the same as Uncle Edisto. After Aunt Florentine died, Peach would try to do the same to Comfort, and Comfort always refused. At the end, she said what Aunt Florentine and Uncle Edisto would say. Also, at the life service of Dismay, Declaration stood up for Peach. My Rating I would recommend this book - most of you would say no because the book cover looks boring. It had humor, but it didn't have nasty jokes. The book was astounding. It had some sense and it was emotional. It was sad and happy at the same time. Book Report By: Cheryl Wilfred
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