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Perseus and the Gorgon's head.

No description

Megan Vaughan

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Perseus and the Gorgon's head.

Apollo Apollo was the sun
god that had told Acrisius
that Danae was going to have
a son and he would one day kill
him. Castle Tower Once king had heard
this, he locked Danae
in a tower so she couldn't
reproduce. However Zeus
came to the tower and made
a baby boy named Perseus. Chest After finding Danae
with a baby boy on
her lap, he locked them
up in a chest and threw
them out to sea. Dictys They had arrived
to the island of Seriphos.
Dictys was a fisherman who
had caught them in his net
and brought them to shore. King Polydectes Polydectes was king of
Seriphos, brother of
Dictys. He was attracted
to Danae and wanted her
to marry him but with Perseus
grown and masculine, he was
a problem. Medusa Polydectes had concocted
a plan to berid of Perseus
to be with Danae, so he
planned a false wedding.
Everyone was to bring a
gift with them, Perseus couldn't
because he was poor. So Polydectes
sent him on an impossible mission; to
retrieve the head of the gorgon Medusa. Hermes Along his journey he had the help of the Greek god Hermes and Athena. They gave him 5 presents to help. 5 Presents The winged shoes
were to help him fly
out of danger. The sickle
was to cut off Medusa's
head. the Knapsack was
to carry the head in. The
shield was for protection
and acted as a mirror. The
invisible cap was to turn
him invisible so he didn't turn
into stone. The gorgon's head With the cap on he,
cut off Medusa's head. Andromeda On his way back
to Seriphos, he came
across a crying young
woman. Her name was
Andromeda and she was
chained to a rock. He cut
her free with his sickle
and at that time a sea
monster arose and threatened
them both. Perseus showed
the head of Medusa and the
monster turned to stone. King Perseus and
Queen Andromeda With Andromeda free, and Polydectes shocked by the head of Medusa he was turned to stone and Andromeda and Perseus became king and queen.
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