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Kate V

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Argon

Argon and Oxygen
- Argon is a non-toxic element, however, when trapped in enclosed spaces, it can be deadly because it over powers Oxygen.

- One use Argon has is it can preserve wine. To preserve wine, Argon confines and crushes the Oxygen in the bottle so it will not deteriorate.

- Another use for Argon gas is that it is put in fire extinguishers. Due to its non-toxic make up, low mass and atomic number, inability to cause any response, and its ability to mimic CO2, Argon can help put out fires.
Argon Makes Things Brighter
- Argon is used in fluorescent lighting and neon lighting.
- To produce fluorescent lighting, Argon mixes with Mercury to give the brightness.
- The signs seen at Nifty Fifties or in the windows of stores that say "open" are neon from the combination of the elements Neon and Argon.
- Also, since Argon gives off the neon and fluorescent lighting, these types of lighting are helpful to detectives when solving crimes because it illuminates fingerprints.
Argon's other uses
- Argon can be produced in the form of a laser.

- Argon lasers are used to fix vision problems such as cancer tumors and cysts.

- Laser treatment can also repair damages to different parts of the eye.

How Argon Lights up your Home
- Argon is used in the production of light bulbs.

- It produces no visible color which is the reason nothing can be seen through the bulb.

- The role Argon plays is, it makes the light bulb last longer by protecting the connections inside from searing.
Interesting Facts about Argon
- Argon is also common in windows and welding.
- It can be found here on Earth.
- It is in the category of noble gases.
- Argon is a good source when needing to control things at high temperatures.

( when high sources of energy are connected to Argon, it creates a blue color)
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