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Moon Exploration

No description

Yujin Koo

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Moon Exploration

Exploration of the Moon
There is a place where austraunauts control the space craft. THe control the space craft by pressing keys and buttons. There will be a screen where they can see which oplace they are going to ere are hundreds of dials, lever, buttons, and switches. THey need to do the right things fast and if there is a warning light the austraunauts need to fix it quickly untill it goes totally wrong. The explorers use models of space craft to practice. For example the Simulator was a model space craft thatNeil Armstrong practiced on. This was a risk free chance oractice for the dangerous space flight. There are lots of risks in exploring the moon because of the environment in the moon. There are no air and gravity in the moon so they need to be well prepared. They need to wear heavy space suits, they need to be careful when they eat because the foods will fly in the space ship. Also the weathers change a lot in the moon. If they go a little down or up the climate is really cold but some parts it's hot so they need to get use to them. They need to practice crush pressures, how they need to navigate their way to the moon because they might get lost in the space and if you can't get to somewhere quick the fuels will run out and they might need some help. They also practice lots in different weather and keeping themselves safe. They practiced being weightless and They need to be able to bounce up and down in a room that is 130 Ferenhite about 55 Celcious. They try floating in a place where there is not a lot of oxygen and gravity to figure out how to walk in the moon. How do explorers navigate their way to the moon? What are the consequances of going to the moon? On the explorer? On the world? Why does the moon change it's shape and why are there craters? What are the risks of exploring the moon? The astronauts going to the moon has made some impact on the world. When the astronauts go to the moon and find cool information they want to go and explore too. Full Moon Full Moon Half moon This is a man in the simulator practicing to control the craft. This is the simulator what NASA used to train austronauts These are robots and space crafts landing on the moon. YuJin Koo This is the first time that a human being has been in the moon. New moon Half Moon The moon spins around the earth and it goes 13 degrees every day, and it becomes full moon in about 27.3 days, which equals to one day in moon. So when we see it we see it on all different angles that makes the shape different. Craters on moon Craters on moon can be larger than 200 kilometer across. Some can be as small as 10 kilometer Majority of craters are created by mesteroids. The crater rays are light wispy deposits can extend rays and vanish like micromesteroids. Bombardment mixed the powder upper surface layer. Banish are craters 190 miles or more bansinse with is the ring of the peaks, and they look like dart board. They'll keep on studying about the space because it's fascinating to learn about them. And they'll appreciate the Earth more, because moon looks quite dull, but earth looks like beautiful blue marble. So they will try to protect the Earth. Blue Marble Earth Bibliography This is a Korean comic book that I used when I was
researching for this. And it's by Guang Un Lee In oldern days people would explore the moon to figure out what's it like in the moon. And the imoportance of this was that it was the first place that they could go to, because it was the easiest, closest and the place that is most well-known. in the outerspace The influence of going to the moon for the astronauts This is a book called 'Moon Walk the first trip to the moon, by Judy Donnelly. This is a book called 'The moon'
by Isaac Asimov, which I found in the library. Websites 100.naver.com
These therometers are showing
the different weathers. This is a picture of people floating because there are no gravity Describe what explores found out about going to the moon or sending crafts or exploring it? Astronaut going to the moon found out that there are gray powdery dust on the moon. There are no winds and that the sky of the moon is black. They also found out a lot of different information by sending crafts to the moon, and they fond out that there are 90 liters of water in the moon in 2009 October 19th. Lunar prospector confirmed that moon has a core,and the core's radius is about 250 miles, and it also found chemical elements on moon's magnetic fields. This is a photo showing the core of the moon and the ice hiding beneath the surface. Describe the time line of the moon July 20th 1969
Neil Armstrong, riding on the Apollo11 landed on
the moon, and it's the first
man to be on moon. September 14th 1954 21:02:24
The first man-made object,
Luna 2 was sent to ther moon,
from Russia. Febuary-May 1994
US sent orbiter Clementine
and it took more than two million photos of the moon. August 1976
Luna 2 a robot craft brought samples of the moon's soil to earth January 1998-July 1999
Lunar Prospector found the first evidence of chemical elements on the magnetic fields. October 9 2009
NASA sent a space craft and found 90 liters of water hiding beneath the surface of the South Pole MOON But nowadays astronauts try to use the moon as a place where astronauts will make bases, to develop for the future. And it's not because to develop our resources like the ice i the moon. In moon people found about 90 liters of ice frozen, but they won't use it because using the sea water and purifying it would be easier. But the moon will be an important place to get ready for astronaut's trip to the other planets in Solar System. Why does explorers try to explore the moon and why is it important? The influences of exploration of the moon to the world This is a diagram of the magnetic field of the moon
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