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Time to Take Action

No description

Lilly Lebold

on 21 December 2015

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Transcript of Time to Take Action

Veterans Need A Home Too
By: Lilly Lebold, Valentino Brito, Maya Bonanno , and Courtney Hampton
Solution: Homes
First we will make a website for people to donate money, in order to build a market and homeless shelter. Once we have constructed the market and shelter, we will make fliers and put them around many locations. On the fliers it will explain that any homeless veterans are welcome. Also, it will have our location, contact, and our description of our market. For our market, we will plant some fruits, vegetables, and flowers, which will be sold to customers. 25% of the money will go to support the Homeless Veterans Shelter and 25% of the money will go to the rental of apartments for transitional housing. 25% will be used to buy more goods for our market. The other 25% will be used to pay our employees which will be residents of the shelter or other veterans. None of the money will be used for ourselves. The shelter and market will help provide rehabilitation, work training, employment, and transitional housing.
Studies: Proven to Help The Homeless Veterans
Studies: Proven to Help The Homeless Veterans

In October 2015, NCHV held The drive in december. Veterans Access to homes summit, which is a training event for homeless veterans that people go and do stuff to help homeless veterans get homes. The Gund Foundation provides support for the locals food, clothing , shelters, etc. They also give healthcare to The homeless veterans in the Cleveland area. The Gund Foundation also works to help vulnerable amounts of the homeless veterans population for healthcare, insurance, and the legal system, etc.

Problem: Homeless Veterans
Most veterans who are homeless are single males who suffer from disorders, mental illness, or alcohol or substance abuse. Many of the homeless veterans are younger than the average total veteran population. The homeless veterans have served in many wars. About half of the homeless veterans have served in the Vietnam Era, two-thirds have served our country for at least 3 years, and one-third were placed in a war zone.
Veterans do so much for our country, but some become homeless after they have returned home from combat. The United States should never allow any veterans to be homeless. Veterans are the heart of the country and have given us so much. Veterans gave us freedom, justice, liberty, etc.
Problem: Homeless Veterans
Due to poverty, lack of support, eviction due to overcrowding and poor conditions, about 1.4 million other veterans have a risk of becoming homeless. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) thinks that about 47,725 veterans are homeles any given night. The number of young veterans make up about 8.8% of the population of the homeless veterans and the amount of young homeless veterans is increasing. There is not enough affordable housing. Many veterans have mental or physical illnesses and can not earn money or recieve health care. Also, they may have a lack of family and social support. Many veterans have a hard time finding employment.

Part II
Part I
Solution: Homes
Some soldiers aren’t able to get a job due to mental and physical problems. We will help them until they have a home. We will help provide transitional housing to homeless veterans. Transitional housing will be offered at an affordable cost to them for 2 years. It will be safe and it will help them to prepare for independent living.
Contact Us at:
Call 1-800-H4M3
Location: Morristown, NJ 07960
Market: Happy H☺mes
Social Media: Home
Hashtags: #Home4Veterans
Slogan: Where Everyone Should Have a Home
Part II
Part I

According to a survey in 2013, there were 57,849 homeless veterans in a single night in january. Veterans that are coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq are coming back and becoming homeless. Since World War 1, volunteers of america have provided direct services to homeless veterans in need and connect with other organizations which can also help the homeless veterans.
Part I
Part II
The Veterans Affairs has many benefits and services to assist homless veterans by providing disability benefits, education, and healthcare, etc. The VA is helping homeless veterans by providing housing for them and they don't get any of the profit. This specific organization is located in New Jersey. This will be there 29th year of helping the community, and they hope that their nonprofit organization in New Jersey will be helping to serve the homeless veterans.
Studies: Proven to Help The Homeless Veterans
Part III
Would our plan work?
We interviewed 12 teachers. We asked all of the teachers the following questions: What is the meaning of a veteran to you? What is your opinion of veterans being homeless? Do you think our market can help the homeless veterans? Would you support our market? Basically, all of the teachers said that a veteran is someone who has served for country in the military. They thought that this problem was sad, aweful, wrong, shameful, and a disgrace that veterans are homeless and that the government should be doing more about this issue. All of the teachers agreed that our market would help the homeless veterans and that they would support it too.
Public Announcement Video
In conclusion, our business will help decrease the amount of homeless veterans.
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- http://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/12036/the-great-american-tragedy-homelessness-among-our-veterans/
- https://slohomeless.wordpress.com/2008/05/29/homelessness-the-social-impact/
- http://nchv.org/index.php/news/media/background_and_statistics/
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- http://www.voa.org/veterans
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- http://www.ecanopy.com/farmers-market-tents.html
- http://www.lowes.com/Plants-Bulbs-Seeds/Bulbs-Seeds/Plant-Seeds/_/N-1z0wg8o/pl#!&Ns=p_product_price%7C0&page=1
Because the veterans are homeless, it will be harder for them to survive. Some may have to rummage through people's garbage. Consequently, homeowners may complain to the local government. This may cause the city to enforce stricter laws and the local law enforcement will have to look out for violators. Those who are caught will have to get a ticket and it will cost them even more money to go through the local court system. Homelessness can affect business by deterring patrons and the business owners will want the government to adopt a stricter anti-loitering law. This will also mean more tax money to enforce these laws.

Grade: 8
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