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LGW Session 11 2016

No description

Amy Denham

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of LGW Session 11 2016

Sentence Errors Quiz
25 minutes
Read the directions carefully for each set of questions.
Edit vs. Revise
Revising leads to Rewriting

information, quotes, words, or punctuation that you think will help make your piece clearer or more descriptive for your reader.
information, quotes, or words that you think don't really add anything to your writing, or might confuse your reader.
information, quotes, words, or even entire paragraphs or passages that you think would make more sense somewhere else.
Change or Substitute
words for other words, quotes for other quotes, or less pertinent information for more pertinent information in order to make your reading clearer, more unified, or more descriptive.
TKM Essays:
“I’m all for the scissors. I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.”
-Truman Capote, Conversations With Capote, by Lawrence Grobel, 1985

by Elie Wiesel
LGW Session 11
Writing Concisely PPT on Blackboard
Although you often see edit/revise listed as one step, editing and revising are NOT the same thing.
Editing: Proofreading your paper for mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.) and making fixes, as necessary.

Revising: To "see again," or look at your writing from a fresh, critical perspective. Revising often includes rearranging and rewriting.
Evaluate your peer's paper, using the ReVISIONing Exercise sheet.

Remember - look at the paper with your fresh eyes. Consider organization, development, and clarity. Do not focus just on spelling or grammar.
Parent letters
Intro activities for HW

Book trailer
Memorize Roots - Next week's quiz is 1-30
TKM Essay Revision and Editing; Submit final draft on Blackboard and bring all copies next week
Introduction Activities

Submit your TKM Essays using the SafeAssign tool on Blackboard
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