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Crispin: The Edge of the World


Julian Gonzalez

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Crispin: The Edge of the World

Crispin: The Edge of the World Setting Time: 1377 A.D Place: England Historical Background While my book is fictional, many things were actual facts. The brotherhood is fake, but the person leading it, John Ball, was a leader in the great peasant uprising. The kings in this story were real kings, both old Edward III and nine-year-old king Richard II. During the time in the book, there was a series of wars which made up the Hundred Years War, which lasted for 116 years. In this story, they include free companies which are abandoned soldiers that go around raiding for their own greedy needs. The town Rye and its burning was included in this story and really happened in 1377. The boats in this story, cogs, were ships used all over England during that time. Major Characters Crispin: Main character, apprentice to Bear.
Bear: Crispin's friend and protector.
Troth: Girl with deformed mouth that joins Bear and Crispin. Major Conflicts Owner of an inn believes Bear is a traitor to a brotherhood and goes to shoot Bear, wounding him. (Man vs. Man)
Aude, woman who helps Bear, gets beaten up by peasants after bailiff accuses her of killing a pregnant woman. (Woman vs. Society)
Bear, Crispin, and Troth, girl who lived with Aude, run away from peasants. (Man vs. Society)
Must flee town because of men looking for Bear. (Man vs. Man)
Must brave storm which later makes them lost. (Man vs. Nature)
Climax: Bear dies of wounds made by leader of the free company. (Man vs. Man)
Resolution: Crispin and Troth decide to go to a land without kings. (Man vs. Society) Theme: Just because someone is deformed doesn't mean they are different then you. Symbols: Sprig of hawthorn: Troth
keeps the sprig with her
after Aude died. Cog: Type of ship Bear, Troth and Crispin use to sail across the sea. Jesters Hat: Bears hat. He has a special connection to it. Vocab Figurative Language YouTube: Meet Avi Cog: Boat used all across Europe
Mariner: Person who works on a ship
Melancholy: A gloomy state of mind; sadness.
Repetitious: Unnecessarily repeated over and over
Monotony: Lack of variety, same
Frothy: Very foamy
Leagues: Unit of distance, about 3 miles
Peradventure: Chance Curly hair encircled his head like a fuzzy halo. Simile
As if death's cold hand gripped my neck and would not let go. Personification Summary In Crispin: At the Edge of the World, The story is told though the eyes of a young boy named Crispin. He travels with his friend and protector Bear. But, after Bear is injured, they meet a young girl named Troth who lives with a woman named Aude. After her death, Troth joins Bear and Crispin as they run away from John Bell's brotherhood. Together, they go off on an amazing adventure though England to their destination: the edge of the world. By Julian Gonzalez Recommendation I am not that much of a fan of historical fiction. Though if I did like those type of books, I probably would have loved Crispin. It has a realistic feeling to it. It is also action-packed. Like I said before, I am not that much of a fan of these types of books. And Crispin may get a bit boring at times, but all in all, it is a very good book. For those of you who like this genre, then this book is for you.
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