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pride and prejudice

No description

Karen Trujillo

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of pride and prejudice

By Jane Austen
Karen Trujillo

Pride and PrejudiceB
time: 1800s
Place: England
Era: Baroque
Mood: Curious- I do not know much about this era this makes me want to turn to the next page.
FitzWilliam Darcy

rich, clever,
warm, intelligent,
loving, kindhearted,
generous deep down,
inside, and interesting

classist, judgmental on
amount of money some-
one earns per year, and
Main Character Conflict
Main Conflict Fitzwilliam Darcy
Darcy's main conflict is social pressure to marry a girl from a wealthy, educated, high-class, and well behaved family.
Elizabeth's Main Conflict
Elizabeth's main conflict is whether to marry a man for money and to help her parents or for love
Elizabeth Bennet
It all started when a wealthy young man named Charles Bingley moves into the manor of Neitherfield park. A great ruckus begins at the Longbourn estate. The Bennets (the owners of the estate) have five unmarried girls. They want them all married. Mr. Bennet meets Mr. Bingley and then gets the whole family an invitation to a ball. There the girls meet Mr. Bingley and he falls quite in love with Jane Bennet(the eldest of the Bennets). His friend FitzWillliam Darcy does not approve of the couple (he is richer) she is not in the same social class as Mr. Bingley and himself. He then is recommended to dance with Elizabeth Bennet (the second eldest of the Bennets).
Internal: (man vs. himself)
-Elizabeth and Darcy are in love.
-Mr. Bingley and Jane are in love.
-Mr. Darcy's arrogance and prejudice
-Elizabeth's prejudice
External: (man vs. society) or (man vs.man)
-Lady Catherine arguing\insulting Elizabeth
-Lydia eloping with Wickham, ruining families reputation
-Miss Bingley's rivalry with Elizabeth over Mr. Darcy
intelligent, independent, outspoken,
headstrong, clever, witty sense of
very outspoken,
speaks cold, hard truth, prejudice,
judgemental on first impressions.
Pride and Prejudice
By Jane Austen
Karen Trujillo

Mr. Darcy pays Wickham
to marry Lydia. Then Elizabeth
falls in love with Mr. Darcy and they get married along with Jane and Mr. Bingley.
Ironic with a sarcastic feel
quote- "Angry people are not always wise."
Tone (contd)
Analysis: On any page that I read in this book, it feels like a conversation. With the responses and conversations in the book, I feel that I would respond or converse the same way. I can recall, that lifting one eyebrow or wiggles eyebrows sentence on every page. The authors tone gives me a connection to myself.
"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."-Darcy
Quote (contd)

commentary: The quote itself sounds a quite bit desperate and intense but the fact that Darcy said this covers the desperateness and makes it more intense. The quote shows Darcy's sincere character and how he admits his love for Elizabeth. This quote has a tremendous amount of significance, it tells you what Darcy's feelings for Elizabeth really are.
Pride (analysis): In pride and prejudice, pride is what keeps Darcy and Elizabeth from falling in love. Darcy's pride in his social class position leads him to dislike anyone outside of his social class. Elizabeth's vanity blinds her judgement, making her to think ill of Darcy and well of Wickham.
Prejudice (analysis): Darcy's pride was based on social prejudice (ex: like Miss De Bourgh and her perjudice how it used to be important to Darcy and his pride). While Elizabeth's prejudice is based on her perceptions. Both had to overcome their pride and prejudice before reaching happiness.
Personal Response
The novel made me feel that true love goes beyond social presseure, position, power, and money. The connections that I can make to my life, are that I know some kids that are very arrogant (like Mr. Darcy) but have a reason to be that way (because Mr. Darcy is rich). The larger message that I recived was true love has no boundaries and to not blind yourself with your pride and the prejudice of others.
Plot contd
He harsh fully says no. Mr. darcy after actually meeting Elizabeth he falls in love with her. Mr. Collins then proposes to Elizabeth and she says no. She then meets Wickham and likes him. He tells her how cruel Mr. Darcy. Darcy then proposes to Elizabeth she says no. Then Mr.Wickham elopes with Lydia (the youngest of the Bennets) and run away.
Plot contd pg.3
Darcy finds Wickham and pays him to marry Lydia. Elizabeth then sees how kind he actually is. Lady Catherine talks to Elizabeth telling her to stay away from Darcy. Lady Catherine is his Aunt and wants him for her daughter. Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth that he is still in love with her and she says that she feels the same. And then both her sister and Bingley and herself and Darcy get married.
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