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Habit 4: Think Win-Win

No description

Jazmin Salcedo

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Habit 4: Think Win-Win

Habit 4:
Think Win-Win

By : Lilian Romero
and Jazmin Salcedo

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?
~George Eliot
Class Discussion
Think Win-Win is the way you look at life.It can also be the way two people look at each other personally.
There are four types of ways of Thinking:
What is Think Win-Win?
Lose-Lose happens when two Win-Lose people get together.

Normally happens when a person doesn't like
another person in
a negative way.

They need to be
together and feel
secure from
another person.
Example in a Negative Way:
Brit and Crystal were study for a really big test. At the end of the day, Brit passed with the highest score in the class while Crystal got the lowest score. Crystal thinks that Brit is to be blamed for making her fail and make sure that she will never pass another test in that class again.
Example in a Positive Way:
Crystal can ask Brit for help on the test.
Crystal could ask the teacher to do a retake.
Crystal may have to find a different way to study for the next test.
Win-Lose is competitive.

They think
"I don't care how
good I am as long as
I'm a notch higher
than you on the totem

Win-Lose people are full of pride
Different faces to Win-Lose
Use other people for their own selfish purposes.
Story Time:
Two friends are taking a trip into the woods. Both friends are looking for adventure, but one of them takes it to far to the point where their lives are at risk. Jason the adventurous one, tell his friend Ricky that they should head off the trail to see more than just trees. The park ranger told these two guys to stay on the trial but they decided not to listen. They have no clue on the dangers heading their way. Jason feeling like the boss on this trip, leads Ricky into some place they cant even find on the map. Now a forest is not a forest without its animals, so Ricky spots a family of bears about 30 feet in distance to them. Ricky made the smart move to scream causing the bears to react. The bears suddenly get onto their paws and begin to run after Jason and Ricky. Not mentioned in the beginning, Ricky is usually the one taking power over Jason. As they ran Ricky looks back at Jason and screams"Jason hurry up. I literally just need to out run you to be safe." Jason running as fast as he can made it to safety with Ricky. Both of them made it out alive with no harm.
Game Time!!
Where is the Win-Lose situation?
Trying to get ahead at the expense of others.
Spreading rumors about others
Insists on getting their way
They have many successes to go around.

You probably think more like a Win-Win than you think you do.

Its a belief that everyone can win in a good and bad way.

Extremely insecure people have a difficult time to think Win-Win.
Personal security is the foundation for thinking Win-Win.
Become jealous when someone else succeeds
Lose-Win is a big peacemaker.They don't like to get into arguments.

They are weak people and tend to get stepped on very easily.

This attitude leads to low expectations and compromising your standards again and again.

They will hide their true feelings deep inside.
The right time for Lose-Win:
Winning a school office and not show any special treatment to my close friends.
Be supported for your best friend that got a accepted to school of your dreams that you didn't get in.
Avoiding Tumor Twins
Giving into peer pressure
Abusive relationships
Being bullied
Two main habits are:
Its extremely healthy.
It makes use to improve,to reach and stretch.
"Competition is healthy when you compete against yourself, or when it challenges you to reach and stretch and become your best."
It is fine to lose at times.
As long as the issue is not important.
Let other win those little issues.
Comparing yourself to another person is just bad news.
Since we are all different mentally, physically, and socially.
Comparing yourself against your own potential is the only good thing.
Like an addiction
Win-Win stuff can be contagious.
Life is like a great obstacle course. Each person has their own course, separated from every other course by tall walls. Your course comes complete with customized obstacles designed specifically for your personal growth.
If you're big hearted, committed to helping others succeed, and willing to share recognition, you'll be a magnet for friends.
"Don't get caught up in the game and worry so much about being popular during your teen years, because most of life comes after."
"In these situations, don't get ugly yourself (Win-Lose) or get stepped on (Lose-Win). Instead, go for Win-Win or No Deal."
Guess which one is which?
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