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Constructed Beauty

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Transcript of Constructed Beauty

Society's Beauty Norms
What is "Cosmetic Surgery?"
Cosmetic Surgery in Numbers
Controversy Within the Youth
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Risks Within the Business
Take a second to picture a "beautiful woman".
Unreasonable definitions of beauty
-bullied children

Substitute for health regimes
-advertising plastic surgery & ideal body images to children
"Cosmetic surgery is the reshaping of body parts through surgical procedures. It is done to
the appearance of normal body structures."

7-15% of patients coming in, suffer from body dysmorphic disorder
(most do not even benefit from the procedures)

Cosmetic surgery is marketed as 'generally safe' but the procedures come with a baggage of medical and emotional risks

Ashley Portorreal
Constructed Beauty
A look into cosmetic surgery in today's society
How's her face? Posture? Attitude?
Beauty is, at many times, defined & molded by society
Ads, Photoshop, media & billboards
Procedures Include:
breast reduction/enlargement
nose job
Reconstructive vs. Cosmetic
Reconstructive plastic surgery is done to improve the appearance and function of body parts that are
damaged by defects, injury, burns, tumors,
In 2014, total number of surgeries in the U.S was at 15.6million -New York Times
-92% done on
Breast augmentation

#1 procedure
Postoperative Complications
development of pnemonia
risk of stroke
heart attacks
blood clots after surgery
skin break-down

Death is always a risk...
Psychological Complications

higher than avg rates of suicide
alcohol &/or substance abuse
pre-existing psychological problems


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