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Career Analysis

...Dance Choreographer...

Taylor Mallory

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Career Analysis

Hints: Dance Choreographer -Most choreographers require years of experience and practicing and actually requires breaking a sweat. So preferably you need to start at a young age. -Dance is intense and that's what makes it more fun..is the competition. -The salary is normally low
because the employment is
irregular. Set-Up of The Job Tasks: All the things you see dancers do; the moves, the scenery, the timing, the location, well pretty much everything isn't like swatting a fly. It takes a lot of work like booking a location, making the drop boards, practice, practice, practice, learning steps and putting them together and a lot more... Education And Training: All the training needed basically is based on what type of dance you want to instruct. Most time spent in practice and rehearsal are 8 hours. A college education is not required for this occupation other than that many dancers obtain degrees in unrelated fields to prepare themselves for careers after dance. The completion of a college program in dance and education is usually essential to qualify to teach dance in college, high school, or elementary school. Technology: Some technology is used
from the get-go like some
people learn the steps
from the internet, make
their music on the internet,
find their choreography
moves off the internet,
sometimes cell-phones and
telephones are used in many
ways...and etc. Job Responsibilities: Some of the job responsibilities
are the child care and watching
them and making everything work
out for rehearsals, practices,
and meetings. And money affairs! Ethical Issues: Some ethical issues this career
might face is like as if she may
go to let's say her niece had a
recital and the choreographer
attended this event and liked the
dance well she just may like it so
much and take it and maybe
change it around or change it a
little just to not make it noticable
it is still unethical. Future In The Career: The future to this career is
better and more intense dance
moves to come into peoples minds
that could make recitals more
fun and upbeat. Highest Demand: U.S- New York because so
many plays take place
there. The World- Paris because all of
the dancing that takes
place there. Customers: Anyone who takes interest in
Ordering uniforms/dance outfits.
Setting a performance location.
Ordering accessories. Dancers- B2B- Science & Math: Problem- Injuries occur often. Math- When you are figuring out
the balance due for the classes or the uniforms or accessories or etc. Written & Verbal Communications: Working In Teams- Dealing With Customers- You have to talk/exchange words
nicely and slowly to describe what to do and when to do it in the routine Telling them what is going
on and informing them when
things are due when rehearsals
when other things are due
what's due and etc.
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