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Science Project


Sophia :D

on 17 December 2011

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Transcript of Science Project

Benefits and Costs of Reusing and Recycling the material Design Considerations The Cost Plastic Different uses of Plastic Plastic has many different uses.
It is commonly used to hold drinks.
It is also great for packaging, because of its durability. Plastic is used in bags, cameras, CDs, glasses,
computer monitors, cars, spoons and forks, cellphones, binders, keyboards, and many more. The design of the bottle will be the picture below. The cap will be smaller, to reduce the use of plastic, the logo and all the information about the drink will be printed on the bottle, so paper won't have to be used. This shape is easy to grip and drink from. Benefits of reusing and recycling plastic
are: You could save
Crude Oil; the material used to make plastic. Less aquatic animals
would die from swallowing
plastic items. Recycling plastic will guarantee
that it will be made again into
something besides a plastic water bottle again. For example, recycled plastic water bottles can be turned into clothing, furniture, outdoor decks, bridges, fleece, bags, even the lining of some jackets. You can save enough power for 2 peoples' use of energy in a year, including 1 person's water use of 2 months, if you recycle 1 ton of plastic. The cost of reusing or recycling plastic is relatively cheap. It's like making plastic again, except the plastic is melted down together and the useful resin and bits will be seperated to make new products.
Whereas you would have to use lots of energy to make something new! Reusing safe plastic water bottles can last a long time. The cost of making plastic bottles is $0.25 to $2 per bottle, depending on how much plastic is used, or how much of the drink is in the bottle. You can even get paid for recycling. Some recycling centres pay people to bring plastic bottles to them to recycle. And did you know that
there is now a way to make
plastic out of potatoes?
Now plastic dosen't have to
waste crude oil, we can now use
potatoes! http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Potato-Plastic!/
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