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Defining the Presidency

No description

Dominique Williams

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Defining the Presidency

~Defining the Presidency~ They did not want a president at first. The Americans wanted to avoid the centerlized athority. at the end they agreed and it became American presidency. ~New Republic ~ The Foundations The continental congress declared their independance on July 4, 1776. They said an oath about how they will be self evident and that all men are crated equal. In the same year a crowed gathered in New York and pulled down a statue of King George the III **continental congress** The articals of confederation were ratified. Fearful, the people did not want one spacific gonverment . The government tryed to handle it so the addministrated respondisbility and apponinted a supperintendent and governing boards. Constitutional convention Many people felt that the continetal congress was to week. To reslove the problem the congress reluctantly called for a convention. They revised the Articals of Confederation. George washington After the war of independence George W. became the president. He erased the fears of delegates that a strong executive would not naturally evolve into a monarchy. He was known for being a great leader Establishing the presidency When George finnally become the president he chose to be called "Mr. President." He carefully maintained the power of the office, never ceding its subordination to his cabinet secretaries, never granting its powers to the other branches of government. Furnishing the mansion George washington first furnished the house with a southern gentileman way like how he lived in Virginia. He chose items that were both refined and simple. Washington hoped to strike a balance that would project the respect for the office while suggesting the egalitarian principles of the Revolution. Farewell address When Washington second term ended he published his famous farewell address. In the farewell address said that all Americans sould support the newly formed nation and put aside regional or party divisions. The second president to come in to the office was John Adams.
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