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Block 7

No description

Aysha Almatrooshi

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Block 7

Block 7 Experience What is the integrated practicum program and Why is it needed? -The integrated program is the combination of 5 courses, EDC 450a, EDC 450, EDC 460,EDC 465, EDC 315.
- Learning and practicing what we are learning at the same time will have better effect in developing our skills.
- It also helps us to be ready for our internaship which make us prepared and do really well in it. What did we learn?
What were the successes and advantages of the program? - Observing different way of teaching, different classroom managements, and different children abilities.
- We learned to be patient and organize ourselves to plan for our lessons.
- Different strategies, different activities, different ways to motivate and involve the students in the lesson, to assess students’ knowledge by using pre, during and post assessment.
- The program helped us in developing our skills in teaching. We learned things and practiced what we’ve been learning. What were the challenges?
- Moving between s Primary and Secondary buildings.

- Finding a place to print.

- Everyday teaching .

What are the implications for student teaching (EDC 490: internship), and What are our comments to those who will join the Sp 2013 integrated practicum program? -Welcome to the real world of teaching!
-You might not sleep well at this period of time but you will enjoy it :)
- An experience that let us learn a lot specially our confident became much more better.
-Not to worry too much about it because everything will move smoothly, and not to worry about having different courses with the practicum course because all of them will be integrated.
- Be organized and do all the work on time.
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