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Kate Kroupa

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Mission Possible By: Kate Kroupa, Katie Geiger and Chase Knoblock More on the south.... Work Cited Would You keep the 14th and 15th amendments? What will the new freedmen
do to support themselves? How do the 14th and 15th amendment fit into your plan? How will the south rejoin? What will happen to the former confederates of the government? - Put the people that worked for them in Jail
- Make them pay for the damage they made the americans go through.
- Aren't aloud to get their jobs back; none of the former people can have those jobs again
- Not be segregated
- Equal rights to everyone
- Have the north help bring them together and
not pull them away
- South will have to be nice to the north to
receive some help
-North help them rebuild so it will go
faster; building the south - It will make a safer community
- African Americans will have equal rights.
- Each person will feel safe and everyone has the right to vote
- Everyone doesn't have to worry about being segregated
- They can work in little shops and make more money for their families
- They can support and be with their family more
- They can own their own businesses
- They can farm for themselves
-They can be involved in sharecropping - They will help us because then everyone can come together to be a union
-There will no longer be slavery.
-Former slaves now have voting rights, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
Yes, because, we believe that this way people such as
African Americans will then want to stay in the south because there is no segregation. Also, by keeping both
amendments, both whites and blacks who were born
into the United States will have equal rights. They
will now be able to go places together, have equal pay,
equal job opportunities, have equal voting rights,etc. Images- google images Thank You! How will we rebuild the south? - Work together and rebuild
- Work different jobs together and help everyone
- Fundraiser's to earn more money for supplies
- Stop segregation so everyone will be fair in working
- Have a leader like a president
- Everyone work just as hard, not just the African Americans Making it a better place How will our plan protect their rights?
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