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Should students get paid for having good grades?

No description

Cindy S

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Should students get paid for having good grades?

Students shouldn't get paid for having good grades Not Worth the Pay Even TIME magazine mentions in a 2009 issue,
"Students end up choosing the easier classes, just so they can get the money" they are encouraged to do better at school
studies show that it is not necessarily beneficial. It teaches the kids to take easier ways out of learning and that they can just slack off Good and the Bad The schools should be using the money to make
the schools a better place. If the schools start
paying us, there wouldn't be any in-school
activities or field trips. Some schools even have
a chance of shutting down if they spend their
extra money on the students Even kids themselves believe that rewards aren't a
step to their success. More than half the kids that
participated in this survey think that they need
good grades no matter if they get a reward or not. The students get paid when
they do well in class. Some students will just choose the easy classes so they can guarantee the cash.
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