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The Wog Boy

No description

charlie devereux

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of The Wog Boy

The Wog Boy
The Wog Boy
The Wog Boy is about a man called Steve Karamitsis who is labelled as Australia's biggest ''Dole Bludger''
The different Australian themes, language in the movie
Cultural groups in the film
Cultural Group and Sub Cultures
Mix of Australian and 'wog' slang
The tradition culture and lifestyle of the wogs
The multicultural divide shown
''The Hangout''
Racial Profiling
The themes reflecting on Australian Society
Celia and Steve
Steve working for the government
The Lifestyle of Steve
Steve being the typical Wog that he is
Standing out and being different to the Australian crowd
The war between the Aussies and the Wogs
Steve representing the Wog community
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