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Around the Southeast Asia in 20 days

No description

Andrey Rokotov

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Around the Southeast Asia in 20 days

Planet Thailand
Planet Cambodia
Xiamen - Hanoi - Hoi An - Ho chi min - Pnom Pehn - Siemreap - Angkor-Wat - Bangkok - Chiang mai - Bangkok - Xiamen
the Southeast Asia in 20 days
Have you ever had an incredible adventure?
- One that seemed too huge to happen?

- One that has shown you a whole new world?

- One that you shared with somebody from beginning till the very end?
Yes? No?
How about (another) one?
...going around
7 major cities, 3 countries, countless sights and picturesque places
How about...
Planet Vietnam
1. See Hanoi.
Mission objectives:
2. Travel on one of world's most scenic railroads
3. Visit Hoi An
4. Meet the sunrise in Ho Chi Min and shout: "Good morning, Saigon!"
1. See ancient cities of Pnom Pehn and Siemreap
2. Admire Angkor-Wat

What do we do there?
1. Hangout in Bangkok
2. Enjoy the view from the famous Sky Bar
3. Practice in telling fake girls from real ones aaand...
4. Visit Aye in Chiang Mai
(and Chiang Mai is super beautiful)

1. Xiamen - Hanoi 1610 RMB
2. Bangkok - Xiamen 1700 RMB
1. Hanoi - Hoi An 290 RMB
2. Hoi An - Ho Chi Min 300 RMB
1. Ho Chi Min - Pnom Pehn 150 RMB
2. Pnom Pehn - Siemreap - Bangkok 315 RMB
3. Bangkok - Chiang Mai - Bangkok 320 RMB
Check if needed for your country. In my case - no visa for Vietnam, 125 RMB each for Thailand and Cambodia.
Couch-surfing, guest-houses. Estimated expense for 20 days - 900 RMB per person.

Food: about 1000 RMB per person for 20 days.
Preliminary total:

6835 RMB or 1121 USD
But apart from the numbers,

apart from 1000 pics on instagram
What do I personally want
to get from this trip?

I call it contemplation.

An ability to look at the world through the different perspective. Because if a travel does not change you - it is a bad travel.
in other words,
Do travel travel until travel travels you.
You coming?
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