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No description

Max Bodholdt

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Engineer

Engineer job description
Engineers design and supervise large construction projects, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, and bridges (Occupational outlook handboook)
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How to advance in my job
Ways to move up in an engineering job
Have as much education as possible
It is good to have a Master of Business degree (Kecskes)
Make sure I am in the right type of engineering for my intrests
Hard work can only make up for a certain amount of technical knowledge in your engineering career. (Fassasno)
Evolving of Engineers
Engineering is very important to human life, which is why engineering has been used since the beginning of humanity.
The Egyptians and other early societies used engineering tactics a lot while making the pyramids and irrigation systems for crops.
Salary,Hours, and Taxes
The average engineer works 48 hours a week and makes around $77,560 a year (Occupational outlook handbook).
According to the 2013 tax bracket, I would pay $4,991.25, plus 25% of my remaining income for a total of $23,133 in taxes (Landes).
This would make my take home pay around $54,427 a year.
That amount is enough for me to provide for my own needs.
•Math skills
•problem solving skills
•Ability to work in groups
•Listening skills
•Communication skills

Skills Needed
1) Graduate high school

2) Get accepted to a good college

3) Find a good engineering program to take in college

4) Get an internship

Steps to Achieve
Where are most engineering jobs based?
More job opportunities in cities with larger population.
Higher cost of living.
Someone working harder than me
Me not having the right skill set
Lots of people wanting the same job I do
Difficult schooling
Difficult bosses and co-workers
Not having good career goals (Matta)
Need to put in a lot of hard work
Some kinds of engineering won't have as many job openings
This job includes long hours and a lot of hard work to become successful
To be or not to be?
Engineering is a good paying job
Most fields of engineering are expected to grow over the next three years
You are very likely to find a good job if you apply yourself through school
Risks are low and benefits are high.
(Pros and Cons of Engineering Jobs)
Engineers work to solve global problems such as clean water and improving the quality of everyday life.
Engineering allows you to use your creativity every day.
Engineers have the opportunity for rapid advancement in their companies.
Engineering salaries remain high.
Engineering has more impact on the world than any other profession.
(The Engineering Place)
Why do I want this job
Who or what inspired you to major in architecture/ engineering and how old were you?
Looked up different job descriptions to figure out
Wanted to work outdoors
Uncle was Civil Engineer
Started initially thinking about field of study around the age of 16
Wasn't sure if he made the right choice by doing engineering, so he started an architectural landscaping program
Couldn't decide between the two, so he continued to study, and eventually majored in both after 6.5 years
Did you ever work as an intern?
Worked as an intern for several years during college
Was an intern in both of his fields of study
Thinks its a very good idea, and great thing to put on resume.
Out of college, was it hard to find a job
Took a couple months to find a job
Thought it could have been because of the economy at that time
The internships that he had didn't turn into jobs
Did you have a lot of student loans to pay off?
Had no student loans because parents paid for most of the schooling
Jay Newell
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