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Pangaea Project

No description

Billy wong

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Pangaea Project

Question 6
Yes because the heat pushes the tectonic plates.
Pangaea Project
How did the position of the mountain ranges on the continent magnets help you piece together the representation of Pangaea
It showed us where things are supposed to be placed.
Explain how subtropical plants were once able to grow in regions of present-day North America and Eurasia in which they cannot grow today?
Continents were closer to the equator and were squished together more. Being closer to the equator made these continents more tropical.
Antarctica, because now it is right next to the south pole but on Pangaea it was a bit further up.
Which continent moved the greatest distance from its position on Pangaea?
Australia, some evidence from Wegeners data is that Australia has deserts even though it is far from the equator. Which means Australia used to be closer to the equator.
Why was the discovery of Cynognathus fossils in the modern-day South America and Africa significant to Alfred Wegener
It showed him that the animal must have traveled some other way because it was too far.
Which Continent drifted south upon the breakup of Pangaea? What evidence of Wegener's data leads you to this conclusion?
Question 7
Maybe because the
world would be
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