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Gamboot Dance

No description

Christine Lee

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Gamboot Dance

Style of Dance
This dance is loud and cheerful. They danced this way to cheer themselves up from the hard work that they need to do. They stump their feet together to come up with the beat and usually make sound with their mouth.
Influence of the dance
This dance influenced people to think more about the life of the miners and the dance was beneficial to the company as well. It was used to represent their company and as it got more famous there were songs made to go along with it.

The miners worked at the floors which were often flooded. The workers received a gumboots (Wellington boots), jeans, bear chest, hard hats and bandanas.
What is the purpose of this dance?
The purpose of it is to give themselves some break and to entertain themselves a little. They spend most of their time in total darkness with infected water covering their knees. This was also a way for them to communicate their feelings with each other through their dance moves.
Gamboot Dance
The dance gamboot was made by the mine managers. They were all in a very poor conditions and they have established the dance to overcome their hard work and pain in life.
Music Analysis
Melody: conjunct (chanting)
Meter: 4/4 (depends on the dancer)
Harmony: homophonic
Medium: man's voice
Form: chant
Style: Traditional Dance (Gamboot Dance)
Gamboot dance was originated from the gold mines of South Africa.

South Africa
There is no instrument used for this type of dance. However they tap, slap or stump their boots to communicate with each other. Later on, there were songs made about working class life, drinking, love, family and more. As their dance got more popular, they even used it as their PR of introducing their company
Thank you for
Moves for Gamboot dance
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