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lis lab3

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Lacrosse

By Max
The object of this game is to score in the goal and win the game by scoring more goals than the other team.
What you need:
1]2 nets
2]A Lacrosse stick or crosse
3] A ball of solid rubber
4]protective helmet, face mask, padded glove and mouth piece

This sport was originated in a couple of American Indian Tribes and Europeans extensively modified the game.
Made in the 1630s
You play this game on a field that is 110-120 yards long, 60-70 yards wide. You play in 70 countries
Poke check
Goal line Extended
Gary Gait was born on 4-5-67 and played for Syracuse which he became the most outstanding player Award. he was an Attacking Midfielder and he played in the NLL for 17 years. He is a coach now.
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