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Rachel carson

facts about rachel carson as asciencetist

Rachelle Pena

on 31 August 2010

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Transcript of Rachel carson

Rachel carson http://www.lkwdpl.org/wihohio/cars-rac.htm http://www.rachelcarson.org/ sources Biologist ecologist
&writer Rachel carson was born in springdale,PA
may 27th1907 and diedin april 14,1964 she went to Pennsylvania collage for women After completing her education she joined the U.S Bruea of fishries as a writer of a radio show "romance under the water"where she chould explore underwater life and give to her listeners 15 years later she became chief editor u.s fishers Brurea and wild life service(the first women) During the 1940s she began to write biographies of her observation of underwater life 1941 Under the sea wind
1943 food from the sea :fish and shellfish from new england
1944 food from the sea:of south atlantic
1951 the sea around us
1962 silent spring
1964 the sense of the world
After radio she worksd at woods hole Biological labratory taught the university maryland about underwater life After World WarII she changed her focus in orderto warn the missuse of sea life she challenged argicultural scientist and the govermentand called for a change in the way human kind viewed wildlife She died in 1964 april 14 from breast cancer at age 56 http://www.epa.gov/history/topics/perspect/carson.htm By rachelle pena
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