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Dole Banana Company Contact

Presentation about contacting the C.E.O. of Dole Banana Co.

Tom Novak

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Dole Banana Company Contact

DoLE BANana Company Writting in response to workers rights I'm writting in response to the workers rights being infringed. I will touch upon many subjects that should be taken into consideration that will help the workers and maybe produce a better crop. I think that if you give proper training to the workers, there will be less casualties, regarding the pesticides and herbicides. Also if you provide a proper lavatory, in which workers can relieve themselves, the quality of the bananas might increase. The Banana wars was a great example as to showing who got ripped off. The workers were and still are being ripped off, such as low wages, improper pesticide training and un-human conditions. Thank you for listening and I hope that you can consider my proposal. For all our sakes.
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