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dan lea

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of playing

American West Native Americans Way of life History of Medicine Early Medicine Prehistoric Egyptian Greek Romans Public Health Aqueducts, Sewers, Baths, Hospitals, Toilets Professional Development Centralized Government, Empirical Observation, Galen's Books Anatomy Galen dissected Animals instead of Humans

Wrong: Jaw bone. Blood system - Not made in the liver. No continuous supply.
Right: Spinal cord from dissecting pig. Surgery Surgery got better due to war. Cause and Cure Four Humors with Galen's idea of Opposites Asclepion Late Medicine Public Health Chadwick
1st Public Health Act
John Snow finds Cholera in the water
2nd Public Health Act
Liberal Reforms
Welfare State
NHS Cause and Cure Jenner
Flory and Chain Surgery Anesthetics
Nitrous Oxide
James Simpson
Black period of Surgery
Carbolic Acid
Joseph Lister
Aseptic surgery
Barnard Professional Development Nightingale makes nursing respectable.
Improves hospital conditions in the Crimea
Mary Seacole also goes but does not work with Nightingale. Duel Approach.
Natural and supernatural.
Trappaning Surgery
Only external lumps and bumps.
Metals very soft. Public Health
Clean for religious reasons
Cut hair to get rid of lice
Fly nets
Human poo put on the fields Ti Pi Polygamy Nomadic Buffalo Religion Wankantaka Sun Dance Vision Quest warfare Coup stick Scalping Government Warrior society Chief Elders Mountainmen Fur trapping Trail finding First Farmers / pioneers Journey west Donner party Manifest Destiny Economic crisis Cheap land in the west Good land in the west Over crowding in the east Gold Rush Benefits - San Francisco More people head west Problems - not enough gold Law and order Mormons Homesteaders Cattle men Transport Law and Order Train Wells Fargo Telegraph Pony Express Problems water
No Wood
Cattle trampling crops Solutions

Sod Buster
Wind Pump
Turkey Red
Barbed Wire Why Go West?

Homestead Act
End of the Civil War
Building of teh Railway Beliefs

Joseph Smith
Gold Plates
No personal ownership
No slavery In the East

Kirkland - Bank Collapses
Missouri - Danites
Navou - Joseph Smith Runs for president Going West

Winter Quarters
Split into groups
Circle the wagons Setting up at the Salt Lake

Irrigation channels
Sharing the land
Deals with the rail road
Selling good to Gold Miners
Perpetual Immigration Fund Rise

End of the Civil war
Building of the train
Demand for Beef in the East
Joseph McCoy Life of the Cowboy

Round up
Cut out
Long Drive
Fun at the cow town? Fall of the Cattle Trade

Barbed Wire
Over stocking
Cold Winter
fall in demand Destruction of the Native American Permanent Indian Frontier
Sand Creek Massacre
Fetterman Massacre
Battle of The Big Horn
Smaller Reservations
Dawes General Allotment Act
Wounded Knee Hippocrates

4 Humors
Clinical Observation
Hippocratic Corpus Library at Alexandria Asclepios Regimen 3 Blockages
Amulets Mummification Doctors
Papyrus Dark Ages Medieval Renaissance Knowledge Lost Crusades -
Avicenna The Cannon Of Medicine Brings back the works of Galen Power of the Church
Bad public health
No dissection
God causes disease
Zodiac Man
Galen's ideas are right
The Black Death Vesalius - Dissection
Pare - Surgeon
Harvey - Blood

Still bad public Health
Still real idea of Cause and cure Good Luck!
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