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Copy of Navigating Newsela

No description

Rachel Schornak

on 2 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Navigating Newsela

Navigating Newsela
Today's Objectives
Familiarize you with Newsela's purposes.
Navigate the Newsela webpage.
Discuss the various uses of Newsela.
Create an account and explore!

What is Newsela?
Students only need one Newsela account!

How does it work?
Newsela is very user friendly and easy to navigate!

Here are some quick "need-to-knows"
We have Newsela Pro -
Thanks Steve!

Teachers need to create an account
(if you haven't already)
A collection of non-fiction, current event articles that share a common theme, topic or standard. Articles are categorized by....
Data Collection
Add Your Classes
Newsela PRO ($$)
Alternative use....
Students select an article that most interests them
Failed quizzes = deletion of quiz and they try again, this time at a lower level
Passing quizzes = move out of Kid Zone and into more complex current events
Conference about reading levels so they are choosing their own appropriately
Navigating Newsela
Janet and Rachel
Stevenson High School
September 3rd...Welcome Back!
Let's Take a Look at Newsela!
Once you have an account, you
"add a class"
and get
for each class.

The code will look something like this...

Post each of your hour's code on your white board...once your students create an account, they will need it.
If they already have an account, they simply need to log-on and
add your class
by typing in your code.

They should
create a new Newsela account for each teacher
Now that you have an account and your students are signed up...
choose an article and
it for your
students to read.

Articles that are assigned will show up in the student's virtual
they log into Newsela and choose your class.
Assigning Articles
Reading Levels
Newsela will automatically set the reading level to the grade
level that you assign to each class when you set it up.

As your students take quizzes, Newsela tracks your students'
individual scores and will adjust their reading levels accordingly.

That's pretty cool!

Students can change their reading level on their own.
There is also an opportunity to have your students answer a question to a
writing prompt
for each article. More about this later...
Other Cool Features
Students may then
read, highlight,
and most of the time take a
pre-created quiz
that corresponds with the article.....make sure you choose a light bulb article.
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