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Supporting Israel In the Christian Community

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Josee Chiasson

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Supporting Israel In the Christian Community

If not us, who?
If not now, when?
Do Funders Like
George Soros

...growing global
support for Israel
Rutgers University

The bottom line is simple, Israel needs new supporters and needs them
Hannah Johnson ('11)
Began the first ever Christian pro-Israel student organization at Rutgers.

Returned to Israel after the Israel Experience Scholarship to attend Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.

Invited to speak on panel at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in Manhattan

The End of Evangelical Support for Israel?
"How quickly things change.

The days of taking evangelical support for Israel for granted
are over.

As they are increasingly confronted with an evangelical-friendly, anti-Israel narrative,
more and more of these Christians are against the Jewish state"

By David Brog, Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2014

...for Christian student leaders
Actively training key student-leaders from college and universities

Taking these non-Jewish students to Israel for hands on interaction with the people and the region
Students return educated and articulate in their support for Israel on campus and in life

Beginning in 2004, nearly 200 young people have graduated

Key element is the post-trip follow-up to ensure students are active on campus and in community supporting Israel
4 Threats to Support for Israel
"In 2009, I made my first trip
to Israel thanks to the Israel Experience program of Eagles Wings Ministry. It was around that time that I heard the ministry’s executive-director, Reverend Robert Stearns, say that Christian support for Israel was at risk.
At the time, I was skeptical of the warning. Since then, I’ve seen four trends
that prove him correct."

By Ryan Mauro, Juicy Ecumenism, March 25, 2014

Israel's Grip on Evangelical Christians Loosens
"Support for Israel is weakening among evangelical Christians,

prompting a new struggle for
the hearts and minds of younger members of America's largest
pro-Israel demographic group. "

By Nathan Guttman, The Jewish Daily – Forward, March 2014

"For well over a century, Christian Zionists have been steadfast in
their support for a Jewish homeland. Emerging from this movement, Evangelical Christians have served as the foundation of Christian Zionism due to a number of theological, moral, and political reasons. At the same time,
there is a growing movement of mainline Protestants who are critical of Israel. "

By Sean Savage, The Christian Post, March 3, 2014

Missions to Israel
Group Trips
to Israel
Celebrate Israel Events
Israel Day Parade
The Israel Experience College Scholarship
The Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem
Watchmen on the Wall Training and Pilgrimage
Feeding Centers
in Israel
Wayne State University, Detroit

Cornetta Lane (’07)

President of Students
for Israel on campus.

AIPAC Diamond intern
in Washington D.C.

Worked to end a divestment campaign
at Wayne State University.

Ryan Mauro (’09)

Regularly interviewed on Fox n Friends on the Fox News channel.

Blogging regularly for FrontPage, Pajamas Media, Daniel Pipes Islam Watch, and other Middle East focused blogs.

Regular guest commentator
on Hannity on the Fox News channel.

...for pastors and significant leaders
Leadership Mission To Israel
Leadership Missions to Israel
Zion Dominion Global Ministries (Buffalo & Rochester, NY)

Rev. Roderick Hennings
Hennings leads a multi-city congregation of 5,000 which meets in both Buffalo and Rochester, NY. His church is largest in his denomination in the entire state of New York. After returning from his first trip to Israel on one of Eagles’ Wings Leadership Missions, he hosted a city-wide Celebrate Israel night with attendance of 1,000 and representation from 30 congregations.

The Rock Church (Anaheim, CA)
Pastor Jerry Dirmann
Dirmann leads a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual congregation of over 9,000. He and his wife serve as leaders in their denomination, and coordinate much of their denomination’s activity with Israel. He hosted Watchmen on the Wall, Israel prayer and advocacy trainings at his church with 900 in attendance, and has brought multiple student groups to Israel with Eagles’ Wings.

Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
Price is Senior Pastor of the 25,000 member landmark congregation with international network of churches,
and nationally syndicated television programs. Dr. Price has been one
of the largest supporters of the Israel Experience College Scholarship donating tens of thousands of dollars and sending students each year from
his congregation.

Crenshaw Christian Center (Los Angeles, CA)
One Church International (Hollywood, CA)
Pastor Touré Roberts
Roberts is an innovative pastor and creative collaborator bringing together Evangelical Christian arts professionals and Hollywood studio creative talents. Touré and his church have funded a scholarship to send a student on the Israel Experience College Scholarship program.

Pentecostal Church of God (Bedford, TX)
Bishop Charles Scott
He leads a global church movement
with over 5,200 churches worldwide
and international membership of
over 500,000 members in 52 different countries. Eagles’ Wings organized a trip for 120 of his top leaders to go to Israel for the first time. Since that trip, the denomination has given thousands of dollars and sends numbers of their members to Israel.

The Chapel at Crosspoint (Amherst, NY)
Pastor Jerry Gillis
Gillis pastors one of the largest congregations in Western New York
of well over 7,000 members, and is a community leader in many ways. He went with Eagles’ Wings to Israel in 2011 and has since taken four groups from his church to the land. He is one of the
key pastors mobilizing evangelical
support for Israel, and encouraging Christian Jewish dialogue in this region.

New Life Christian Center (San Antonio, TX)
Dr. Lasalle Vaughn
A retired Air Force Officer, Vaughn leads a dynamic multicultural congregation of over 4,000. He and his wife traveled with Eagles' Wings to Israel and returned even more passionate about the land and the people. Today the church is blend of cultures with Torah studies
and the celebration of Jewish Feasts alongside more traditional Christian liturgy.

Shekinah Christian Church (Ann Arbor, MI)
Pastor Barbara Yoder
Pastor Yoder is one of the most dynamic speakers and mobilizers in the Christian church today, leading a dynamic congregation and a state-wide network of churches in Michigan. She has fearlessly mobilized pro-Israel rallies
in Dearborn, MI, bringing together leading Jewish rabbis and scholars
with Christian Pastors, and brought several groups to Israel.

Bishop Wayman Ming
Bishop Ming has traveled to over thirty nations of the world. He serves as General Secretary of the Pentecostal Church of God denomination leading over 1,100 congregations in the United States. Since going with Eagles’ Wings to Israel he has worked with other leaders to bring Israel-related issues
to the forefront in the agenda of the denomination.

Pentecostal Church of God (Joplin, MO)
Bethel World Outreach Center (Nashville, TN)
Pastor Rice Broocks
Rice leads one of the most influential congregations in Nashville with an attendance of over 1200 and 5 satellite churches. Since Rice came with Eagles’ Wings to Israel for the first time, he has donated thousands of dollars and promoted the Israel Experience Scholarship to his campus organization
which gathers over 2,000 students from over 32 different universities.

...for Christian churches and organizations
Group Trips to Israel
...for community solidarity & support of Israel
Celebrate Israel Events
Nashville Celebrates Israel
or call 1-800-519-4647
90 Day Re-Launch Budget for Israel Initiatives
Israel Experience 2014


Development Salary

Pastors-Leadership Missions to Israel

Next Jerusalem Banquet Upfront Costs

Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem


Watchmen on the Wall Manual Reprint


Grand Total

Grace Stamsos
is near completion of a certificate degree from North Idaho College with a strict emphasis in Business Entrepreneurship, and is the Founder and Executive Director of Dream Room Syria. Her career goal is to become a speaker and consultant on geopolitical structure in
the Middle East, counter-terrorism,
and current events, also as a pro-Israel
voice of advocacy worldwide.

Seth Peterson
is a senior at Liberty University and will be graduating this May with honors from the Helms’ School of Government with
a Pre-Law degree. Seth is actively involved with pro-Israel organizations, the Center of Multi-cultural Enrichment on campus, and is the youngest president of Florida Gateway College's Bible Club, and is the founder of
non-profit organization H.E.R.O
(Help Encourage Relief Overseas).

Fiona Moodie
is a senior studying Political Science for her undergraduate degree, and in her second semester of Graduate school studying Public Policy at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Fiona
is an honors student, Undergraduate Research Award recipient, has been elected for membership in Phi Beta Kappa, and is active in the pro-Israel organization on campus.

Ayanna McKnight
was Valedictorian of her senior class, Class President, President of a community service club called Junior Optimist Octagon International and Vice President of the Black Student Union at her school. She will be attending UCLA this fall as a Theatre major with an emphasis in Acting

Mackenzie Thompson
is a Junior International Affairs and Spanish major at Northern Arizona University. His career plan is to serve
as a United States diplomat in Central/South American regions. Mackenzie is just returning from Guatemala City after a semester of teaching English.

Kelsie Nabben
is a graduate of a Bachelor of International Relations at La Trobe University and is continuing her Undergraduate studies with an Honors year, specializing in Middle Eastern Politics. Her thesis research is on Israel's Foreign Policy. She plans to continue her studies to complete a PhD in her field, learn Hebrew fluently, and spend time living and working in foreign policy overseas.

Raymond Clinkscale
is a graduate of Kean University with
a degree in Media & Film. His career plan is to be a Television Producer and work his way up to Television Anchor. Raymond is a Youth Leader at the 30,000-member Christian Cultural Center.

Jacob McMillen
is in his second year of ministry school
at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. He has a BA in Accounting from the University of Georgia and currently works as a freelance writer. Jacob plans to join the staff of Bethel, one of nation’s largest ministry training programs and currently manages a blog, Uncompromised Men.

Kristen Russell
graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and will begin medical school at Texas Tech University in 2014. This year, Kristen taught fifth grade at a Christian School in Bethlehem, Israel. While in college at Kettering University, Kristen was the director of Academic Council (one of the branches of student government), president of Pre-Med Club, women’s leader of Campus Crusade, and recipient of multiple academic awards.

Maria Minor
is a sophomore Chemistry major and pre-med student at The College of New Jersey with hopes to study medicine
and practice in neurology, immunology or oncology. She also is completing a minor in Spanish and an interdisciplinary concentration in cognitive science. Maria is a Bonner Scholar and site leader for her team, and a member of the American Chemical Society and MEDLIFE.

Lauren Zehnder
is a freshman at Kalamazoo College. Originally from Salt Lake City, she plans to major both in International Area Studies with a focus on the Middle East as well as a double major in Religion or Political Science. After graduation, she
is contemplating serving in the Middle East, using her business and Hebrew language skills to provide employment opportunity to those liberated from human trafficking and other oppressive situations.

...for Christian community mobilization
Israel Day Parade
Israel Day Parade
Meet Our 2014 Scholars
Out of 7 Billion People
Only 13 Million are Jewish
Lets add 500 Million Evangelicals to the picture.
Largest single prayer effort in history focused on Jerusalem

More than 300,000 churches from 175 nations participating

Each year a local Jerusalem Celebration of the DPPJ is broadcast live to hundreds of millions around the world
...strategic curriculum and linking with Israel
Eagles’ Wings trains Christians to understand the importance of Israel to their lives and faith

Individuals can visit Israel and there are commissioned by the Municipality of Jerusalem as Watchmen on the Wall

The only program of its kind working in cooperation with the city of Jerusalem

Thousands have been trained through the Watchmen on the Wall curriculum
Republic of Korea
...recent seminars

Pittsburgh Celebrates Israel
Buffalo Celebrates Israel
San Antonio,
New York
New Jersey
Orchard Park,
New York
New York

No. 540,167 +
Pose a Threat to Evangelical
Christian Support for Israel?
giving tomorrows leaders an
educated heart
for Israel...
Israel Initiatives
Out of 7 Billion People Living on Earth
only 13 million are Jewish
lets add 500 million Evangelicals
to the picture
Israel's future becomes stronger...
Ron Plotkin
Israel Experience Scholar

Dr. Frederick Price
Israel Experience Scholar
A.R. Bernard
Israel Experience Scholar
Shimon Erem
Israel Experience Scholar
Irwin Hochberg
Israel Experience Scholar
Harvey Krueger
Israel Experience Scholar

Our immediate next steps…
raise 90 day budget for current programming
secure committed board members for 2 year term
determine 12 month calendar
develop plan to raise 12 month budget
Yoido Full Gospel Church
Seoul, South Korea
Israeli Ambassador Mr. Yigar Caspi
South Korea
Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem

...for the homeless and those that are in need
Partnering with Israel to feed the poor
Eagles Wings has partnered with Meir Panim and adopted two feeding centers, one in Jerusalem and one in Tiberius, which we are sending funds to on a regular basis.
Large & Small Group Trips for Everyone
Eagles’ Wings has facilitated Israel trips for dozens of Christian churches and organizations.

Group trips range in size from a 500-person trip for a major Christian women’s organization to a 20-member pastor-led church trip

Each year Eagles’ Wings brings 40-60 leaders to Israel for pilgrimage around the Feast of Tabernacles.
American Military University

Special Report on Israel Initiatives
July 31, 2014
Benin, Africa
Felicity Smith
is a sophomore Spanish and International Studies major, studying the subfields of Business and World Politics and Policies,
at Virginia Tech. She plans to work with
Non-Profit Organizations or Missions Organizations and will be engaged in their business and political relations. She is
currently a small group leader with Chi
Alpha, the Christian ministry on campus,
and a dancer with Messiah Company.
Jamila McKnight
is a sophomore Psychology and Administration of Justice double major political science
minor at Howard University from Chino Hills, California. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in Forensic/Clinical Psychology. Her career plan is to work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a special agent. Jamila is a student advocate for the College
of Arts and Sciences student council, a mentor for incoming freshman and has served over
300 hours as a team leader for Jumpstart helping in early childhood education.

Nicole Richards
Currently attends Cal State Fullerton, majoring
in Spanish and belongs Phi Beta Delta honor society club. Very active in Spanish translation
ministry and plans to do translation work on
a professional level in secular and non-profit sectors.

Dr. Frederick Price
Israel Experience Scholar
Jack Hayford
Israel Experience Scholar
Pat Robertson
Israel Experience Scholar
(16 couples at $5000 per couple)
(7,500 at $3.50 each in English, Portuguese, Mandarin)

12 Month Budget for Israel Initiatives 2015

Israel Experience 2014

Fundraising Meetings

Development Salary

Jerusalem Banquet Upfront Costs


DPPJ Expense in Jerusalem

TV Advertising, Air Time



Grand Total

(These costs will be recouped at the banquet)
(Sending 80 students on the Israel Experience College Scholarship)

(Expense of launching 6 parlor-style meetings, dinners or breakfasts)

(These costs will be recouped at the banquet)

Feeding Centers in Israel
The Bottom Line is…
The programs are tested, proven and working.
For More Information please visit..
If not us, who?
If not now, when?
The threat is real.
The solution is attainable.
It is simply a matter of how many people
we want to impact, and how quickly.
Thank you!
Special Report on Israel Initiatives
Prepared for the Paul E. Singer Foundation
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